100,000 Dolphins Travelling Together — Super Mega Pod? Sign of Earthquake or Apocalypse or Migratory Pattern?

It’s been a week of rather strange happenings, and a lot of people that take notes of such things are on edge as more natural phenomena take place right before their eyes.  First, you had the uncomfortably close passing of Asteroid DA14.  This was preceded by the brilliant explosion of a meteor above Russia, actually causing damage and injuries to thousands.  Since then, people all over the world have been coming forward reporting more meteor explosions and sightings, although the mainstream media has not reported it.  It is entirely possible that a lot of these are fakes and hoaxes, much in the same vein as the “strange sounds” craze that we reported all over the globe for much of last year.  And all of this happening right in the midst of Pope Benedict stepping down, the first pope to do so in over half of a century… yes, there has been plenty to keep the conspiracy circles churning this week.  But the sighting of a “super mega pod” of dolphins to the tune of 100,000 estimated off the coast of San Diego may just take the cake for strange happenings this week.

Joe Dutra is a captain for Hornblower Cruises and makes the circuit around the coast daily providing tours.  He and a boat full of observers got more than they bargained for when they came upon a seven-mile long group of an estimated 100,000 dolphins or more swimming together.  Seven miles long and five miles wide, nothing but dolphins and more dolphins, jumping out of the water and putting on quite a show no less.  Some actual video of the experience is seen below the article.  For the record, dolphins are very social mammals and have a structure within their communities.  It is not uncommon at all for dolphins to travel together in fairly large groups.  When we say fairly large, we’re talking somewhere between 15 and 200 dolphins.  100,000 is not only uncommon, but unprecedented, although a similarly large group was sighted around this time last year in the same area.  While that group had no good estimates, it was another large group, and it has caused scientists to think that maybe there is some sort of mass migration that the dolphins are participating in on a yearly basis that we are just now catching on to.  But it would have to be a fairly new invention of nature.  After all, 100,000 dolphins in that big of a radius would not go unnoticed in an area with plenty of aquatic travel.

In conspiracy circles, many believe the dolphins could be travelling in such a large group for more sinister reasons.  Do the dolphins sense or know something that we don’t?  Some believe a major earthquake/tsunami situation may be just days away, and the dolphins are fleeing an impending disaster.  Everyone remembers the Pacific tsunami and all the reports of wildlife leaving the area ahead of the earthquake and destructive walls of water.  Could a similar phenomenon be happening in the Pacific Ocean, only this time frighteningly close to the United States coast?

Well, let’s look at some fun facts about dolphins before we try to unravel this one.  Dolphins have keen senses that far surpass humans.  They are known to have sonar-like abilities for locating things in the ocean and it is widely believed that they can detect changes in the currents.  So, from that point of view, is it such a jump in logic to suggest that dolphins might know that an earthquake and possible tsunami is on the way?  Well, the one big hole in that story is the dynamics of tsunamis.  See, dolphins would have no reason to flee a tsunami.  More likely they would want to be in the deepest water possible so that the tsunami could just pass over them without any real effect.  See, tsunamis are destructive and deadly when they reach land, but for ships out on the water, it is well-documented that even very large tidal waves have little effect.  Water is your friend during a tsunami, at least if you’re in a boat on it.  There is even a report of a diver that survived a tsunami while he was in the water by submerging himself.  So, dolphins probably have no reason to flee a tsunami-situation, unless they are just able to sense it and it promotes a fear in them that causes them to flee without a good reason.  This, of course, is possible, as well.

Other theories get wilder…there are those that think the dolphins are gathering because we are close to an apocalypse that has been signaled by the events of the last couple of weeks.  But if this were true, how do you account for the fact that a similar dolphin “super mega pod” sighting happened at this time last year?

The final word:  most likely, this is a migratory pattern that humans are just now catching on to.  It will probably happen again next year and the year after that, and has little or nothing to do with the rare events of the last week or any pending natural disaster.  But only time will tell for sure.  It’s safe to say that if a major earthquake strikes in this area in the next week, we may have to come off of that theory.

In the meantime, it is one heck of a natural spectacle.  Enjoy the video and imagine what it would be like to find yourself in the middle of 100,000 dolphins.

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