$1 Million Reward for Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner — Why Dorner Will Die One Way or Another…

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past four days, Christopher Dorner is an ex-cop that is on a rampage, killing three people so far and promising in a now very publicized Internet manifesto to get his revenge on several others.  The reason for the rampage is no mystery:  Dorner believes that his career was short-circuited by the LAPD after he did some unappreciated whistleblowing with regard to some incidents of officer brutality.  I know that’s surprising to think that the good ‘ole LAPD could even be accused of something so brazen as brutality.  After all, they have a untarnished image historically when it comes to such things, right?  Anyway, Dorner’s manifesto went into great detail describing the corruption and cover-ups that led to him being hung out to dry.

LAPD are stopping cars looking for Dorner, who is a danger to at least 20 LAPD officials...and basically no one else at all.
LAPD are stopping cars looking for Dorner, who is a danger to at least 20 LAPD officials…and basically no one else at all.

This case is especially interesting to those in conspiracy circles because of its sinister nature on both sides of the fence.  Obviously, Common Sense Conspiracy does not support the concept of vigilante justice, revenge, or cold-blooded murder in pretty much any circumstance.  And yet, this is not your average psychopath on the loose that everyone is going, “Boy, this guy is bonkers, isn’t he?”  No, everyone knows exactly where Christopher Dorner is coming from.  Maybe we wouldn’t act the way he has if we were in the same situation, but we all know why he’s doing what he’s doing, what his ultimate goal is, and we have a pretty reliable list of targets to give us a clue who might be next.  This is not the D.C. sniper picking targets at random.  It’s pretty simple.  If you’ve never had anything to do with Dorner, there’s probably not a whole lot of reason to be concerned for your safety.  This guy is after a select group of people that he perceives as having wronged him.  Whether his accusations are true or not we will never know, because you can bet that the LAPD won’t be telling us anytime soon.  But true or not, he certainly seems to believe they are true, and he is acting on what he believes in a very violent and sinister way.  And yet, a precise way.

The city has now publicly offered a million dollar reward for Dorner.  And while Dorner can’t be just left to run around town picking off targets, regardless of their guilt or innocence in the matter, one has to marvel at how much manpower is put into this manhunt for someone that is essentially no danger to anyone but a list of twenty people throughout the organization of the LAPD.  And yet we hear about cold cases and murders that get little or not attention daily.  I wonder how many murders get this kind of massive effort from the LAPD.

For Dorner, he better have a really good plan if he wants to continue his “reign of terror.”  So far, he seems to have just that.  But it’s not going to get any easier.  He has a city full of police, who, right or wrong, believe he is butchering cops.  They don’t like that too much, and it’s unclear whether there are others out there that might sympathize with Dorner’s position.  Surely Christopher Dorner isn’t the first ex-cop of the LAPD to have a problem with his termination.  And there are probably bucketloads of cops on the force right now that are just as aware and just as sick of transgressions like the ones that Dorner’s career ended over.  But make no mistake.  The LAPD is pulling out all the stops right now to locate their “madman,” but they are biting their nails hoping that they can corner him out of the public’s eye so that they can kill him.

What?  Why would they do that?  Dorner has opened up a wasp nest of lies and corruption.  If it’s true, they don’t want him to be alive to still have a voice to talk about it.  If it’s not true, then they don’t want people opening up inquiries because even if Dorner’s accusations are false, you can bet there’s some fire where all this smoke is billowing from.  In any case, when they do corral him, they will hope to take him out.  Now, reading his manifesto, Dorner seems pretty confident that he won’t survive this.  The document goes on with a bucketlist of final proclamations, including many for famous people.  Most people read that and figure that Dorner intends to commit suicide or go out in a blaze of glory fighting the police to the end when he is finally in danger of being captured.  Or could it be that he knows exactly who he is dealing with and knows that he will never be walked into a courtroom, not if the LAPD has anything to do with it?

The only way Christopher Dorner walks out of this alive is if he coincidentally (or on purpose) is penned up in a very live and public setting where television cameras are rolling and the whole world is watching.  In that case, if he did come out and surrender, the LAPD would have no choice but to play it cool.  But if he is accosted behind closed doors where prying cameras can’t see, he can throw his guns down and put his hands up, but it won’t matter.

The million bucks is a desperate plea to put his head on the chopping block.  The LAPD is sweating this out, not because they are so worried that Dorner might off another one of the members of the “circle of corruption,” but because they are even more afraid that he might wander to the right place and be able to reveal even more of it to the public…a public that is already quite certain that they aren’t being told the whole story on this one.

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  1. Great…point….fellas!….but there’s another factor that’s being overlooked…..you’re dealing with a Navy Veteran, an experienced Naval personnel…..even if he was a cook…he’d still be combat ready…and depending on the individual….during combat training…..some people soak it up…and excell….others just stare star gazed and won’t learn a thing about survival skills….during combat……it’s like the story of that little girl Army soldier, who got captured and became a National Symbol of Womanhood, or whatever the media was barfing about….they talked about how her weapon jammed, and so she single handly fought 3 or 10 or a regiment…..I don’t remember….before succuming to a bullet wound….now I sat there in disbelief..wondering why nobody questioned the circumstances of her weapon jamming?….seems to me the Gov’t would atleast give these soldiers a dependable weapon of mass destruction….so…we’ll rule that out…no Army is going to send their guys out to fight with defected weapons!….( well…maybe in Romania)….but not here..NO….I see something that never occured to the media…because…they’re not Veterans….of the Armed Forces…I know why the little panicky , hyperventalating school girl would forget the basic function while handling an assault weapon……you see…her weapon wasn’t defected….she was…she forgot to “CHAMBER THE ROUND”!!…..that’s why our little hero weaponed jammed!

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