The Government’s Solution to the Economy and Debt Ceiling/Debt: World War 3?

Don't worry.  The government has a solution for all of this.
Don’t worry. The government has a solution for all of this.

As our elected leaders once again haggle over raising the debt ceiling, the United States is once again on the international stage in the silliest debate of all time.  This “conflict” between our political parties of power makes us look like fools, but not for the reason you might think.  It may appear that our leaders look like idiots while they fight over raising a debt ceiling when there is no other alternative but to do so.  Well, this may be true, but what it really does is make each and every one of us in America look like idiots.  Why?  We continue to allow this as a society and day after day eat up the mainstream media’s garbage as if the government is actually trying to do anything beneficial.  In reality, our leaders are not idiots at all.

The national debt is already at a level where there is no viable solution.  As we have covered previously in our article How Big is the National Debt of the United States? we went into detail about just how big the national debt is and why no amount of haggling over the national budget is going to fix it.  Even a massive raising of taxes in tandem with an even more massive reduction of government spending won’t fix it, not unless such measures were sustained for decades on end.  Our leaders are not stupid; they know exactly how much of a lost cause this is.  What’s even more scary about it is the number we all hear about as the national debt is not even accurate.  Ever think about all of the things that our government “insures” to give us confidence in putting money in banks and investments.  The popular FDIC program that guarantees that your money in the bank is safe up to $250,000 is often used as a reason that banking in America is safe.  But if the government has to borrow money to go about its daily activities, even this early in the fiscal year, do you think that this “insurance” is anything more than empty words.  What if there was a major collapse of banks in the United States and the government really was called upon to deliver on this insurance?  They don’t have that money, and they are currently bickering in Congress about whether to allow themselves to borrow more money RIGHT NOW just to continue to operate at their current level.  No way they have the capability to borrow more money to make good on this.  In fact, they wouldn’t even try.  If such a circumstance came to be, they would simply throw up their hands and say “Whoops!”

Once again, this is not mismanagement of the country.  They know exactly what they are doing and have for decades.  This current crisis has been festering for over a century, if not more, and will continue to build until it brings us to our knees.  That is how it was designed and the ultimate goal is not questionable.  The government will use our financial situation eventually to make us all surrender to a new way of life.  From there, we run into bigger, bolder ideas, like the New World Order.  But for now, let’s focus on this one facet of the dominoes that the elite of this world have been setting up for years to topple when they see fit.

The government’s answer to economic woes and the national debt is not higher taxes, spending cuts, or making deals with other nations.  It is war.  War is the machine that will allow them to take care of this problem by once again conniving the American people into a situation where they are forced to get behind an effort or perish.  It’s coming, and it may be coming sooner than even the biggest conspiracy nut expected.

The previous World Wars were the greatest tool for population control that the world has ever seen.  The next one will be even graver.  No one in this world expects World War 3 to be anything less than full-scale nuclear conflict.  Just like the previous World Wars, to reach that kind of global conflict takes a polarization of sides that is hard to even fathom.  And yet it already happened twice in the previous century.  That’s what things like September 11 and the war in Iraq are really about.  The terrorist attacks of 9/11 were designed to begin to demonize the Muslim-Arab population to America and Europe.  Israel and Iran is another piece of the puzzle.  Look at the partnerships and the nations that you wouldn’t even think would figure into such things, but are major players because they are willing to do almost anything to get into NATO and secure their own position in the New World Order to come.

It doesn’t really matter who wins World War 3, because the puppet masters above it all don’t really care.  All that matters is that the world as a whole unifies and divides at the same time into two strikingly different sides that are both convinced that they are righteously seeking to destroy the other.  That’s all they need to purge the world population of 100 million+ in a conflict that will dwarf the previous World Wars easily.  And this time, there won’t be treaties, because when it’s all over, one side will be victorious, and the result will be world domination.


Setting the stage slowly but surely...
Setting the stage slowly but surely…

So, you see, the national debt is just another way that we as Americans are enslaved to our government under the guise of freedom and liberty.  Ultimately, we will all be showing our patriotism again in a conflict that we will be rallied into through false-flag operations, media brainwashing, and most of all, desperation.

Expert economists have taken stabs at what to about the deficit.  One recommendation was to devalue the dollar to the point that the debt burden becomes less.  Well, that might seem like a great plan, but what does it mean for you and me?  Our dollars are the same dollars and they will all be devalued at the same time.

Don’t listen to bickering about the debt ceiling.  It’s a bunch of malarkey, as Joe Biden likes to say.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t put your money in banks.  We’re just saying that you shouldn’t do so because you think the government has your back.  We’re not saying that this ultimate conflict will come in any of our current lifetimes.  But it will come.  The drums are already beating, the dominoes are set in place, and the world is already sufficiently destabilized as desired by the elite.

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