6 thoughts on “Rihanna’s Diamonds Video Analyzed for Illuminati Ties — Shocking Findings?”

  1. The video symbolizes her “addicted” love for Chris Brown, their wild-and-young-at-heart relationship, while depicting the chaos of her world that followed the domestic dispute. In the video, her world “falls” back together as she admittedly says in the very beginning of the song “I chose to be happy” implying that she decided not to care about the harsh criticism of the media/world on her getting back with Chris Brown. The video has nothing to do with the Illuminati. As for Kanye’s part in the song mentioning the Illuminati, he says “We in this party and NOBODY invited me.” He uses Illuminati to portray the highest of high class and then goes on to brag about how he is just so rich and on his A-game that he has enough monetary clout to even crash the Illuminati’s trillion dollar parties. An over-exaggeration. But that’s just what rap is.

  2. By the way there is an on-fire silhouette of a guy who clearly represents Chris Brown in the video as he walks just like him and wears that classic Chris Brown hoodie. This video is a far cry from being apart of any conspiracy theory.

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