President Obama Says We All Have Reptilian Brains on The View

We posted this because it has been creating a stir on the Internet in conspiracy circles for well over a year. This is one of the most ridiculous examples of the more extreme conspiracy theorists trying to slam a home run out of the park with a plastic bat. President Obama elaborates on how he feels that we as human beings are all connected centrally and he used the term “reptilian brain.” The foil hat crowd is trying to make it seem as if Obama admitted that he or others are reptilians. In case you haven’t heard, reptilians is the name given in the conspiracy world for supposed aliens that are living on the Earth (some in very powerful positions) among us by presenting a shape-shifted image that makes them fit in with our society. It is a whole wing of conspiracy talk that we have rarely delved into here at the CSC, but we are ready to take it on in 2013.
For the record, in psychology, professionals use the term “reptilian brain” all the time. It refers to the central part of each of our minds that are the same at the core. Basically, it’s saying that despite all of our differences and mental abilities and capacities, broken down to its simplest form, we are all fundamentally the same. This simpler form is referred to as our “reptilian brain.” The term is comparing us to reptiles, not extraterrestrials. Which one of those offends you more is up to you.