Pentagon to Allow Women in Combat Roles in Military — Will Women Have to Register for the Draft?

Some things can really be hard to understand for the average person.  Equal-rights advocacy groups are applauding the Pentagon’s sudden and somewhat random decision to lift the ban on women having combat roles in the United States military.  Now, if a woman can meet the physical standards for combat, they have every opportunity to be chosen to go into active service, including infantry combat.  Believe it or not, there are some women out there that were disappointed that they couldn’t be on the front lines.  Now, they will have their chance, as long as they can stand up to the challenge.

This picture depicts a scene that could play out in real life very soon...although I'm guessing most women on the front lines would not be made up this immaculately.
This picture depicts a scene that could play out in real life very soon…although I’m guessing most women on the front lines would not be made up this immaculately.

Common Sense Conspiracy isn’t trying to be a spoiled sport, here.  Back in World War 2, there were several examples of discrimination in which African Americans were not allowed to join the military or fight on the front lines.  Not only is this terrible discrimination and racism, but it doesn’t even make sense?  After all, if white people believe they were so superior to black people that they should be discriminated against and segregated, then why on Earth would they care if they were sent off to the front lines of the infantry, which in many instances was the equivalent of being sent to the slaughterhouse for butchering?  But attitudes were different in that era.  There was still a sense of patriotism and a sense that dying for one’s country was an honor and privilege.  It’s easy for people to sit around on their front porch and say “That was just a different America.”  People loved their country.  They were willing to do more.  Flipping through history books tells a different story.  Before Pearl Harbor (incidentally, until 9/11 one of the most prevalent false-flag conspiracy theories of all time), Americans were eager to stay out of the war at all costs.  The concept of isolationism was the norm, and the politicians of that time won elections based on their resolve to go against the war.  People wanted no part in a war that was taking place in foreign lands, even if it were quickly becoming a noble cause.  But then, Pearl Harbor happened, and America rallied to fight for its liberty.  Suddenly, patriotism was back in style.  Dying for the cause was always honorable, but it became mainstream again for the first time since World War 1.  The point:  discriminating against any group of human beings and saying that they can’t sacrifice their bodies and very lives for their countries in a nightmarish war cause is ridiculous.  So, in that regard, the equal-rights groups are right.  This is a step forward.  But it seems to us here at the ‘ole CSC that to be really excited about that is almost just as ridiculous.

There are women that are that eager to step out onto the front lines?  I’m willing to bet there’s a whole lot of men that would be perfectly happy to give up that “right” and “privilege.”  But it does bring up another issue.  It may be good news to women that this discriminatory practice has been eliminated, but what does it mean long term?  In America, “men” between the ages of 18 and 25 are required to be registered with the Selective Service System.  In case you didn’t know already, this is a pretty word for the draft.  Now, the United States currently works on a voluntary basis, and technological advancements in warfare has made the need for massive numbers of troops not as great as in the past.  But in a cataclysmic event like a nuclear World War 3, the draft is not out of the question.  But it might not even take that big of a crisis.  What if the voluntary military in America became as disenfranchised with the government as the average civilian is?  How long would they continue to stay a part of that if it truly voluntary?  Could the state of our hugely divided nation lead to the voluntary military being unable to populate itself?  A draft doesn’t require a world war.  It could be as simple as finding ourselves in a political and social climate where people just don’t seem to be as likely to volunteer for military service?

Would we not be just as discriminatory by excluding women from the Selective Service System?  Does this new leveling of the playing field level it maybe a little more than the average woman would like?

What do you think?  Should women be registered for the draft now that it is legal for them to fight?  Or do we still draw distinctions between females and males when it comes down to it?

Once again, Common Sense Conspiracy is not pushing for all women to be shipped off to war first chance we get.  We are simply asking the question.  How far do you want to go with this?  When is it enough?  Just how equal do you want your equal rights to be?