Opray Winfrey Worships Satan — Denies Jesus and Embraces Illuminati Church of Illumination?

Pretty damning evidence in this video that our dear Oprah Winfrey is up to no good.  We had noticed a lot of our readers searching for and asking for more information about this topic, so we are going to give it a go.  The video paints a grim picture of Oprah’s crazy ideas over the years when it comes to silly little discrepancies like denying Jesus and pledging allegiance to the devil.  Of course, Common Sense Conspiracy will be digging deeper into this matter and you can expect more articles to come as we try to get a fix on whether there is any truth to the wealth of information on the Internet involving Ms. Winfrey and her astounding empire of wealth and influence.

12 thoughts on “Opray Winfrey Worships Satan — Denies Jesus and Embraces Illuminati Church of Illumination?”

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  2. There is nothing wrong with what she is speaking out about, it is a long over-due. It’s not about satinism it is about REAL spirituality and not old age dogma of the Catholic church. The religions of the day all have there flaws and are exclusive in there own ways which causes them to fail in seeing the fact that all religions are different perspectives of the same one truth that is God. They get caught up in petty details and divide from each other, us vs you. Also many of the so-called teachings of them are backwards and are the result of simplistic thinking of people in the middle ages which turned God into only something to be feared. Humanity is growing and is ready for higher truths.

    “True religion consists in developing the attitude of mind which should ultimately result in seeing One Infinite Existence prevailing in the universe; when one could live in the world and yet be not of it, and at the same time be in harmony with everyone and everything; when one could see the same divinity in art and science and experience the highest consciousness and indivisible bliss in everyday life.” Meher Baba

    “God has come again and again in various Forms, has spoken
    again and again in different words and different languages the
    Same One Truth—but how many are there that live up to it?
    Instead of making Truth the vital breath of his life, man
    compromises by making over and over again a mechanical
    religion of it—a handy staff to lean on in times of adversity, a
    soothing balm for his conscience or a tradition to be followed.
    Man’s inability to live God’s words, makes a mockery of them.
    How many Christians follow Christ’s teaching to ‘turn the other
    cheek’ or to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’? How many Muslims
    follow Mohammed’s precept to ‘hold God above everything else’?
    How many Hindus ‘bear the torch of righteousness at all cost’?
    How many Buddhists live the ‘life of pure compassion’
    expounded by Buddha? How many Zoroastrians ‘think truly,
    speak truly, act truly’? God’s Truth cannot be ignored. Because
    men do ignore It a tremendous adverse reaction is produced, and
    the world finds itself in a cauldron of suffering through hate,
    conflicting ideologies and war, and nature’s rebellion in the form of
    floods, famines, earthquakes…” Meher

    1. Dude, your drinking the kool-aid. But thanks for stopping by to proselytize on her behalf, it helps me remember how full of shit and Satan the New Age religion is.

  3. Some truths of which I have come to realize but my catholic family mostly fail to accept is the reality of reincarnation (much evidence for this can be found in NDE’s), the fact that heaven and hell are states of mind and are temporary, the fact the devil is a fiction, etc. Although I believe pope John Paul declared that hell was not real I am not positive. So the woman going on about how dangerous it is to not accept Jesus due to the risk of hell is just non-sense. There is not eternal punishment and we do not just live once, we come back and we evolve spiritually and pay our debts even for the worst of crimes we commit in g to this cosmic illusion.

    However IMO it is wrong to look at Jesus as anything other than the personification of the diviine God the truth. He even left a little miracle for those who doubt, it is the shroud of Turin and No it has not been debunked, quite the contrary (perhaps you could write an article on it).

    Oprah isn’t in the wrong for questioning who Jesus really was, it happened 2000 years ago what does she know? She has simply gone beyond dogma and opened her own mind and is thinking for herself, who would have a problem with that? It’s not like her beliefs are static she could have changed her mind even between that video and now.

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  5. There is an obvious mistake in views by ophrey and the comments – that is that Jesus said His Word of itself would be what man would be judged by – accept it or reject it: the choice is up to the individual. But not everyone born where they did not ask to be born into a pagan land is thereby a non-believer – and there is another Christian truth which is that if some one has no way to hear the Word of God or know about Jesus but follows his natural conscience and worships the “Creator” and thanks Him has recognised the Father of Jesus while not knowing Jesus and not knowing the person of the Father as we do through Jesus. Wisdom 13 and 14 explains what happens when natural conscience is not followed and St Paul sythesises those two chapter in Romans 1:20-29 almost verbatim. Possibly those who die true to their natural conscience but who have not known Jesus will experience Him at the moment of death where He will offer knowledge of Himself to them for their acceptance or rejection just as He did when He went to preach to the spirits of dead on the day after Good Friday as 1 Peter 3:18,19 tells us. This passage in Peter is not just proof of having a soul that is alive after death but a doctrine of hope and mercy for all of God’s children who have not and are unable to know Jesus for one reason or another. So the is a ‘God’ knowable to all that is common but there is not a common god to all religions where that god is defined as consciousness alone, or as matter which is god and certainly not the all Holy Transcendent One worshipped by Jew and Christian. But the choice is for all who read the Gospel – those who accept are saved and those who reject Jesus are condemned (Mk 16:16) – not for ever if they turn again later in life and believe.

  6. the faith growth by the words of God. If you deny about salvation from God, i think no problem. It is your right. Everyone have a choice. And I still keep my faith in Jesus. I believe that He is the Son of God. That is my choice.

  7. SATAN targeted famous people like Oprah. Because many people watched them, and they are able to lure millions to hell fire. SATAN loves it.
    Jesus said very clear in the Gospel of John that no one can come to the Father except through Him. He also said The Father is in Him, and He is with the Father.
    I strongly believe that Jesus Christ is God in flesh, I follow Him for eternity.

    From an Ex-Buddhist

  8. In her late 20s when she turned her back on the church, she would have done better to have simply looked up the word “jealous.” It didn’t mean God is jealous the way she was jealous when Italians won’t sell her handbags, it meant “vigilant in guarding a possession” (Merriam-Webster). A polished persona yes, but stupid as the day is long, God bless her.

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