Kindergartener Suspended from School for “Terrorist Threat” with Hello Kitty Bubble Blower

Gun control is out of control...
Gun control is out of control…

We all know what is going on in our country with gun control, and when you throw the T-word terrorism into the mix, you face the double-whammy.  But even as the nation reels from yet another deadly shooting in New Mexico on Championship Sunday for the NFL, we have to take a moment to look at this ridiculous example of how things can turn from trying to do what’s best to going way, way overboard.  Enter this case from Pennsylvania.  At the Mount Carver Area Elementary School, a five-year-old girl in kindergarten was suspended from school.  The charge:  a “terrorist threat.”

So, you’re probably wondering what the hell kind of “terrorist threat” a five-year-old kindergarten girl could make that would be taken so serious.  Well, she brought a uber-deadly Hello Kitty bubble blower gun to class.  It was not immediately clear whether the girl had a conceal carry permit for the Hello Kitty bubble blower gun or if laws in Pennsylvania specifically address the carrying around of this weapon that is known internationally for the atrocities committed with it.  In any case, the girl really crossed the line by insisting that her and one of her classmates shoot each other with bubbles.  So, that’s what was so terrible.

Wait…it gets better.  She didn’t really have the gun with her.  She was merely talking about it.  The Hello Kitty bubble blower gun was safely tucked away in her toy chest at home.

The punishment for this heinous crime:  a blistering 10-day suspension and a recommendation that the young child undergo a psychological examination during her forced absence.

That’s exactly what happened.  The psychological examination revealed that the five-year-old was completely, absolutely normal.  Based on that, the school did reduce the suspension to a more palatable two days.  Spokesperson for the school offered little information to news organizations, saying only that the school takes the safety of its students and staff very seriously.  You don’t say?

In light of the tragic events at Sandy Hook and the overall climate of gun violence in the United States of late, it is perfectly understandable that schools would be more vigilant than usual.  As a matter of fact, it’s not just understandable, but absolutely necessary.  However, I think we can all still take situations on an individual basis and still apply common sense, right?

In conspiracy circles, you often hear of the “slippery slope” theory.  This theory indicates that when one situation that doesn’t seem like such a big deal passes through the government, it always opens up the possibility of going further in the future.  Gun control is one issue where the “slippery slope” theory is often applied by those that argue against it.  They say that it starts with assault rifles, which seems logical, but then it opens the door for more at a later date.  Well, this case in Pennsylvania is a perfect example of the slippery slope.  They are being vigilant, but see how fast it ventures over the line to ridiculous.

If a student in the school is found to have a knife, a real gun, or anything that might be legitimately construed as a weapon, the schools need to be all over it.  If a student makes a threat, even in jest, that we all can agree could be a signal that something is wrong, then by all means, take action.  But still, this is America, and there are limits to how far the school system or the government should be going over this sort of thing.  It’s hard to imagine that anyone in America would be very distraught if accosted with a Hello Kitty bubble blower gun.

It was automatic, though.  Maybe that’s what sent up the alarms.