Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Kanye West’s Child — Shunned By Beyonce and Jay-Z — Battle for the Illuminati Princess?

Will the real Illuminati Princess please stand up?
Will the real Illuminati Princess please stand up?

Well, it has been confirmed by the Kardashian bunch.  Kim is officially carrying Kanye West’s child out of wedlock and before she is officially divorced from her husband.  For those that follow Illuminati news, this probably comes as no surprise.  The word on the Illuminati street is that Kanye West and rapper Jay-Z are currently involved in some kind of feud.  As a matter of fact, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have refused to be seen or even in the same room with Kardashian and West since they started dating a few months ago.  At first, people were wondering why they would have such a negative reaction to a relationship that seemed to be not much more than reality television fodder, but with this sudden announcement of Kim bearing Kanye’s child, it is becoming clearer as to why the four low-level Illuminati members and Satanists  have a beef with each other.

On the one hand, Beyoncé and Jay-Z accept Kanye was a reputable member of the Illuminati order, but it has been rumored that Beyoncé especially has a problem with Kim Kardashian being a member of this elite group.  After all, Kim has no real tangible talent; Beyoncé and Jay-Z see her as waltzing her way into the Illuminati by latching on to Kanye West.  While this opinion certainly has some merit (what is Kim Kardashian famous for again?), the Illuminati is not as concerned with talent as they are sphere of influence.  For whatever reason, Kardashian makes a big splash wherever she goes, and it is perfectly believable that Kim could have been hand-picked by the Illuminati on her own merits.  Joining with Kanye is probably no coincidence, and often members of the occult marry.  It keeps things simpler for everyone.

So, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, entertainment’s real King and Queen of Illuminati ties, think that Kim isn’t the real deal and doesn’t deserve to be in their exclusive club.  But she is now, and the baby factor is only taking the feud to the next level.  Beyoncé and Jay-Z are grooming their child Blue Ivy to be a true Illuminati princess, and now Kim and Kanye may be finding a way to challenge that throne with a child of their own.  Which baby will be the Illuminati’s chosen child, and which one will have the biggest sphere of influence?

Even the Illuminati doesn’t get along all the time, people.  Everyone’s got problems.

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  1. A new low; I’m talking about you, CSC! Too much “common”, not enough “sense”. Our gain is some supermarket tabloids loss. Granted, I just read the first 2 lines; if there is something to the story of any real value, I’m prepared to apologize for my presumptions.

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