Katherine Webb Takes Internet By Storm — ESPN Issues Apology for Doing Exactly What It Wanted to Do?

Poor A.J.  Repeat titles, and everyone is talking about his girlfriend.  We are all so sorry for you...
Poor A.J. Repeat titles, and everyone is talking about his girlfriend. We are all so sorry for you…

Well, in the BCS National Championship between Notre Dame and Alabama, there wasn’t a lot for commentators to break down.  The Crimson Tide issued the Fighting Irish a merciless beatdown for the ages, once again securing their place as the dominant force in college football today.  But in the doldrums of a game that lacked no drama whatsoever after about halfway through the first quarter, the commentators, Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit, were floundering for something to talk about.  Luckily, ESPN already had an ace in the hole.  In an obviously planned affair, the cameraman was to make sure that Alabama star quarterback A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend took center stage as much as possible.  They showed her and McCarron’s family every chance they got during the good ole-fashioned woodshed beating.

Katherine Webb is not just A.J.’s significant other at the moment, but also the reigning Miss Alabama.  In case you’ve never watched a beauty pageant, usually the contestants, especially at the upper echelon, are attractive people.  Brent Musburger got a little carried away when ESPN pointed him in Katherine’s direction.  The result was an Internet firestorm; suddenly, Katherine Webb was a Google sensation, and her Twitter account gained tens of thousands of followers instantly.  The backlash continues into today, as word of mouth seems to be doing its job.  It seems that the average American male is more interested in talking about A.J.’s little hottie than what was a ho-hum boring BCS title game.

Now, ESPN has issued a formal apology to the public for Brent Musburger’s actions.  The apology reads as follows:

“We always try to capture interesting storylines and the relationship between an Auburn grad who is Miss Alabama and the current Alabama quarterback certainly met that test.  However, we apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that.”

Well, I’m glad they cleared that up.  After all, Brent did cross the line.  Wondering aloud on the air what Katherine Webb looks like naked, calling her any sort of derogatory names, and giving a full-fledged play-by-play of her body was certainly over the line.

Except…wait… Brent Musburger did none of these things.

His commentary that ESPN apparently found so flagrant that they had to issue a public apology was as harmless as Notre Dame’s football team was to Alabama.  He simply remarked that Katherine was a “beautiful woman,” which she was in a state beauty pageant for heaven’s sake.  He also went on to say that young boys in Alabama might want to start tossing the football around with their old man so they can one day follow in the steps of A.J.

Well, here’s the common sense conspiracy for today… there have been tons of people towing the PC line saying that this is somehow degrading to women everywhere.  Well, here’s the reality:  most young boys that are quarterbacks in high school will never play in college or professional sports.  They want to compete, they want to do the best they can, but it’s a time-honored tradition that the leaders of the football team get the girls.  The hot girls.  The pretty ones.  The ones like Katherine Webb.

Degrading?  Katherine Webb didn’t think so.  She felt that Brent’s comments were “sweet.”  A.J. agreed with Brent, saying that he was blessed.

Are we now so politically correct that we can’t say a woman is pretty on television?  Even if she is someone that frequently participates in beauty contests?  And everyone that is hating on Brent for his commentary needs to remember that ESPN put him up to that for something to bolster the ratings.  And it worked.  ESPN has gotten more attention off of Katherine Webb than the over-hyped BCS championship.  She is an instant celebrity.  Why?  Not because she’s pretty, or because she is Miss Alabama.  She was both of them before this.  She is an instant celebrity because of ESPN and because she is A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend.

If you’d like to hear of someone who should apologize, look no farther than the NFL’s Darnell Dockett.  The Arizona Cardinals’ defensive end tweeted Katherine his phone number and invited her to meet him for dinner… and for dessert, a trip to the strip club.

So, at the end of the day, sometimes it is what it is.  Brent might have gotten a little old man creepy on the whole situation, but that isn’t a drop in the bucket to what kind of lewd comments rabid football fans all over the nation were making about Katherine Webb over their beers and nachos.  Insert your own lewd comment below…

We apologize in advance..  By the way, here is the clip in question…

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