Is President Obama Really Firing Military Leaders Who Say They Wouldn’t Fire on U.S. Citizens If Deemed Necessary?

Kent State stands as a rallying point for those that fear a tyrannical government.
Kent State stands as a rallying point for those that fear a tyrannical government.

Well, all of the usual suspects in the conspiracy world are blowing up over a “news” story that indicates that President Barack Obama is actively terminating military leaders based on whether they would or would not fire on United States citizens if given a direct order.  Most of the articles quote an “anonymous source” who is one of America’s most decorated heroes.  Digging a little further (or a lot, as Common Sense Conspiracy has done) pokes some major holes in this story that is steadily making the rounds around the Internet.

The unnamed source is actually one Dr. Jim Garrow.  The first problem with Jim is the “Dr.” is highly questionable.  He claims to have a doctoral degree in theology, but the school he claims to have earned this degree from is not accredited.  People have inquired and no information is forthcoming.  Garrow’s other claim to fame is his own personal proclamation that he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize the same year that Obama won.  Well, no one knows for sure, because Nobel Peace Prize contenders are kept under wraps for fifty years.  So, you or I could just as easily claim to have been in consideration.  It will be quite a while before the names are released, and there is a reasonable expectation that we might all die before the information becomes public.

Anyway, this highly controversial subject has absolutely no facts to back it up.  No one has been fired.  No one has stepped forward to corroborate Dr. Garrow’s assertions.  We simply don’t have enough information to verify such a claim, and it is highly unlikely in the first place.  However, just for the record, we want to bring up the concept of firing on U.S. citizens.  It has happened before.  Remember Kent State.  And it happens on a daily basis across our nation through law enforcement.  Should our military be willing to fire on United States citizens if necessary?  Well, it all depends on what you call necessary.  Few of us have a big problem with police defending themselves with deadly force when the situation calls for it.  But at the same time, we have to look at the big picture and wonder what such an idea could be used for.

Under what circumstances should the military declare U.S. citizens enemy combatants to the point that they will fire upon them?  Who gets the “terrorist” tagline?  Remember Waco?  Ruby Ridge?  The concept of the government and military firing on United States citizens is not a new one.

The bottom line:  if Obama is really doing such a thing, that would be pretty damning in the American public’s eyes.  Unfortunately for those that wish to propagate such rumors, there is absolutely no evidence to verify its existence.