How Conspiracy Theories Help the Government — Sandy Hook and 9/11 Show the Way Conspiracies Cover Up Conspiracies

3645e9Every good conspiracy theorist out there believes that he or she is on a quest for the truth and avoiding the “brainwashing” effect of the government’s tactics to continue to ask questions and look for facts in the chaos and disorder of disinformation.  You would think that this would have the government concerned.  However, not only do conspiracy theories not worry the government, but they actually make it feel better.

Say what?  Yeah, we said it.  Despite all of our efforts to stay dedicated to the cause of truth and revealing these conspiracies, the reality is that we are actually helping their cause.  That’s a crappy reality, but we couldn’t be real about what we are doing if we couldn’t admit it to ourselves.  First of all, if we were such a threat, we would be eliminated.  Look in history.  Governments have never hesitated to eliminate voices of dissent.  This is America, though, you say.  We have freedom of speech.  Well, we do.  We also have unparalleled freedom to take a bullet if we get out of line.  And believe you me, if we do, we’ll get one.  But the government is not the least bit concerned about us.  There are a couple of reasons for that.

First of all, the government uses the media to brainstorm mainstream America into thinking that anyone that does not accept the government’s account of things as gospel is crazy or maligned.  Those crazy conspiracy theorists, they say around the water cooler and chuckle.  Can you believe they have the nerve to question the government?  Can you believe they don’t lap up everything the government tells them like a cat drinks milk from a bowl?  Silly people.  Sounds a little ridiculous, but it’s true.  The overwhelming majority of Americans believe that most conspiracy theorists are from quacks.  Conspiracy theorists as a whole bring some of this on themselves.  There are plenty of quacks out there, the so-called “tin foil hat” crowd, and there comes with them a myriad of quack theories.  Common Sense Conspiracy tries to fight this as you all know, but it certainly exists.  However, the government doesn’t quarantine conspiracy theorists by having us whacked, rounding us up into concentration camps, or finding ways to imprison us.  They do it by quarantining us within the population.  The government doesn’t have to do it; the brainwashing by the media and the government causes conspiracy theorists to be outcasts from society.  The people do the government’s work for them by alienating those that don’t go with the flow.  It’s quite possibly the most successful government program of all time; the results are astoundingly against us.

Secondly, the government benefits from the fact that conspiracy theorists simply don’t have access to the information to make a fully-coalesced theory.  They can’t help it.  They can only question things, question contradictions in the official account of things, but they cannot prove it.  Of course, if we could prove any of the conspiracy theories that exist, then we would be a real problem for the government and its agenda.  In reality, we can’t, they know we can’t, and those that offer up theories as “factual” only support the government’s program of spreading enough disinformation that it simply becomes easier to believe their account of things than to try to filter through the bullshit theories, as we like to say in our slogan.  They can sit back with their arms folded across their chest and say “Look at them, they can’t even agree on their own theories.”  And they’re right, but ultimately, they are the reason for that.

Look at 9/11.  The theories about this event are endless.  And yet, the government is wholly unconcerned.  Why?  Because by and large, the American people simply accept what happened and move on.  If there was a massive conspiracy, most Americans would simply rather not know.  Easier to believe than to be forced to accept that our government murdered its own citizens to help demonize Muslims in the American culture.  Sandy Hook is another example.  The accounts are so contradictory and numbered that no one can even get close to the truth.  The disinformation trumps the real information, and pretty soon, no one even remembers anything except it was a tragedy and something must be done.

It’s unfortunate, but conspiracy theories are actually beneficial to our government, and that’s why they keep them around.  So, should we stop looking for the truth?

Of course not.  But we must understand that we are a cog in the wheel of the very machine we despise, and there is little that we can do about it.

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  1. Yes, and I’ve lately been saying the same thing about Roswell and the whole UFO thing (as well as many other similar situations) where I believe the Government actively encourages conspiracies – to any extent including completely nutty – because they are useful to their own genuine secret agenda. In my entertaining trawl of conspiracies of every kind, my conclusion is always “but, in fact we will NEVER know” so ultimately, what’s the point? Are we spending too much time chasing rainbows and not enough realising the storm clouds have ALREADY gathered, but we aren’t taking notice?

  2. Conspiracy theories are not a benefit to our government, they are an inevitability. Government warps the stories of theorists to discredit and uses this to their advantage, but I’m sure they do not benefit from having people question their actions and motives.

  3. We know that the government does indeed plant “kooky” conspiracy theories on the internet to “poison the well” and make anyone not toeing the official government line look foolish.

    Examples are claims the Apollo Moon landings were faked, HAARP, chemtrails, and no plane at the Pentagon on 9-11. TThe good new is that the public, now aware of this propaganda tactic, easily recognizes and dismisses the “kookification” tactics.

    1. Mike, this is opportunity to compliment u on ur generally great work, analyzing, etc., but I do believe there’s good evidence Apollo moon landings might have been faked, NASA doing it to back-up whatever real effort they actually made.

      Regarding the Pent. plane, note simple facts the light posts are (a) reportedly NOT in the line plane traveled (but which then went OVER the pent. bldg.), and (b) those posts would have smashed the wings, most probably shearing them off, causing plane to cart-wheel. (c) Plane could not travel at speed reported, and (d) even if it did, couldn’t have done it that close to ground. (e) Where are the engines?–which were practically indestructible, couldn’t have been just vaporized.

      Otherwise, keep up ur great work. A.

  4. More Conspiracy Theorizing Actually Helps Expose ZOG Evermore–This Article Is Dis-Info

    This article is dis-info. ZOG is terrified of all the outstanding consp. theorizing–that’s why they planted ur story, ho ho ho.

    For gov.s are notorious enclaves of criminals in the first place, esp. gov.s and regimes that are long-standing–just like that of present USA. And observe conspiracies positively ABOUND. JFK, for example, was killed by consp., and 90% or so of people KNOW it–the Warren Report was gross cover-up. It’s fact, well-known, that Clay Shaw worked for CIA–which the Jews-media covered-up at the time–and there’s much, much more about the JFK consp. now known but then hidden.

    Christian New Test. is about consp. by Jews to murder Truth and Christ.

    Declaration of Independence is nothing but consp. theory, exposed by Tom Jefferson.

    US Federal Reserve Bank is gross COUNTERFEIT scam by which Jews now own & control the world which they continue to consolidate by the mass-murders and poison gas attacks they perpetrated in Syria, Libya, and now in Ukraine.

    Gulf of Tonkin “incident” was lie, pushed by Jews-media to bog-down USA while Russia steadily armed w. nuclear missiles–which then caused USA to ally w. China which now owns USA debt.

    And Israel mass-murdered Arabs and US seamen of USS Liberty in 1967 which was covered-up by their co-racialists of Jews-media, Jews conspiring to steal US nuclear materials, secrets, etc.

    So ur article is not only dis-info, it’s actually just more lying for ZOG, isn’t it?

    1. I would tend to agree on the article… has that same feel I get from Michael Moore or Dr. Oz… people who are experts at keeping the complete truth slightly off kilter. Michael Moore whitewashed the truth at Columbine, Dr. Oz tells you vaccinate your children, but won’t vaccinate his own. Many disinfo people in the truth movement were sent by the banksters or bought off, just like all those millionaires in Congress.

      Without a doubt, all you have to do is open your eyes and do research…Adolf Hitler and the German people’s only crime was to throw the Central bank out of the country. No plan to take over the world, no plan to exterminate the Jews, no plan to instigate a war…but as for the Allies, that’s a whole different cover up….What really happened to Germany, same happened to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and so on…. What really happened to Germany was Zionism and Jews. Until those lies are exposed, no way do we see any freedom. Hitler and the German people were not the bad guys…in fact, they stopped the bad guy, Stalin from sweeping through Europe with his Bolsheviks jews.

      Since there is nothing honorable or trustworthy when it comes to the government, and true history has proven that, the idea we went to the moon is not so hard to imagine, believing what they say is another ball game. Our government help kill a president right in front of everyone, broad daylight and then put themselves in charge of the investigation. They faked the Oklahoma Bombing, 911-pure Hollywood…

      Then there’s the Van Allen Radiation Belt,-it would be nice to know how they were able to pass through unharmed on the Apollo flight. Could we have gone to the moon? maybe,…do I believe we went to the moon because my government told me? Nope. Faking the moon landing is in their wheelhouse. Here’s a link to the 10 min version of the vid below which is titled “greatest proof man didn’t land on the moon”.

      Controlling the past, allows one to control the present…control the present, you control the future. Rockefeller and Carnegie wrote our curriculums and recorded history…the very same people who were guilty of starting the war for profit and power.

      The Holocaust was completely fabricated, all the evidence in the world it was faked is provided at Justice for Germans website…just have to open your eyes.

      Chemtrails have patents galore. Geo engineering, weather modification, HAARP…all related. Flight patterns studied, air full of barium and aluminum….crazy weather conditions…right, no chemtrails, no suspicious activity? Germany was caught spraying and confessed-German authorities admitted putting chemicals into the air for government experiments. These experiments in the US are controlled by “haarp” and have been going on for decades…all you have to do is look up and you’ll see aerosol not clouds. If anyone wants to actually learn about Chemtrails, you can go here and they do a very good job of breaking down the reality of Chemtrails.

      If you don’t believe chemtrails exist, listen to this NASA scientist explain Chemtrails

      Speaking of patents…

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  5. We can overcome this dilemma by regaining control of the dialogue and reclaiming the language. I like to see people find novel and clever ways to demonstrate how absurd the official story can be. Richard Gage’s WTC building block demo comes to mind. Think of the ridiculous population refusing to acknowledge what a mere child can intuit with building blocks.

    1. Yes perhaps, JT, u’re right, so far as u go, BUT Judy Wood’s “theorizing,” such as it is, is much better than Gage’s which actually turns out to be quite weak–ck Wood’s work at

      Wood suspects Gage is mere dis-info, as there are still serious problems that Gage deliberately overlooks–like why didn’t all the debris smash the walls keeping out the Hudson river?–why was the seismic impact sooooooo miserably weak, given the tremendous mass of material in the towers? Woods does best job, I think. A.

  6. Anyone who still believes children died at Sandy Hook, should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of research. The “victims” families were given homes on the same day, 3 years earlier on 12-25-09…..yes Christmas day….it’s official via Public Records.

    And Rivero is as hard headed as they come. The clown thinks that there are no such thing as Chemtrails when experts in the fields have done studies on them PROVING they are real.

    Mike always paints himself into a corner, then looks like a jackass when when the facts come out that he’s wrong…..

  7. I guess the author of this article would prefer if we never question anything the government says because we “all look like conspiracy theorists”

    What a complete a*$. Looks like COINTELPRO to me….

  8. But it is a FACT that NIST’s “analysis” of those building collapses can be mathematically refuted and exposed as the FRAUD it is…We the People can blame the treasonous presstitutes and all the other treasonous scumbags who had a hand in that 1st degree murder, for covering-up this FACT from US.
    Wishing, Peace, truth, justice, freedom, health and prosperity for ALL…in-spite of those who control the US govt.

  9. Nice try! If you can get everyone to believe that ALL conspiracies are kooky then the only logical thing left to believe is the “official” government version of the story. The 9/11 story has more holes than swiss cheese. The Sandy Hook records have been sealed to prevent people from finding out the truth. Anyone who asks questions is automatically labeled a “nutter” and written off…. just as planned. If you make fun of the people asking question and try to discredit them then the rest of the population will stay in line and stop asking questions.

  10. Well pissing, yupp, in all directions.

    And the f…. 9/11, I was home, saw it from the f…. start, the feilds thats was emty and so on, and never did I saw a plain, hitt the Pentagon, but thats what I saw, and what we all saw was ilutions, and simnple image alterings, standard image manipulations.
    I stil dont belive for a f… second a fully loded airplain of comersiale sixzew hitt eh pentagon, its not proven, but a cruice missile is more correct, no engine blocks, made of metal that whatever fire or anything, it cant be hott anouf to do anything to melt whatever engine block there is in this kind of jett engines.

    Otherwise I am in full synk, and dont f… try to alter anything, but I will agree on that “fact” that we arent certain, since I havent seen anything personal, so I cant veryfie anything, expect rely on expternal sources as the nett.

    Otherwise, I dont give a rats butt about the so called alternative shittheads as the National Geo. and Discovery morons are everywhere with their lates bollocs about Aliens and so on.
    The chemitrails is done by gov. since the 50 and is called geoengenering and they talk about doint the same with the sea, since its sopousedly something worng there to.
    HAARP is in my nabourhood, and have nothing to do with whatever they say, and once again, its a cold war relic, menth to be an early warning system, but failed but eh facts its dependent on spraying the stratosphere its metal allys or aluminium to ake the rays reflect back to an collectore of signals, and it was an fiasco.

    Jesus f… christ.

    Every f… time, someone says something out of reatch for the comon sheep, you park it along moronic issues, and how f… convinient isnt it, huh, suthes everybody, to make whatever new, showelled into the lunatic compartment.
    No, the f…. fact is this, they lie about everything, and you are clueless about everything, and have almoust no knowledge of wurth anyway.
    for years, nothing have happened, the idiots have their ball, and comon man is getting dumber and dumber.
    So crawl back to the MSM, the science scams, and an eCONomy totaly f….
    Arent They the “truth and nothing but the truth”.


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