Hillary Clinton’s “What Difference Does It Make” Benghazi Testimony Causing a Backlash

It’s funny how effectively the government as a whole can work together as a unit to accomplish some things and then completely fail when it comes time to work together on others.  Case in point:  the complete distortion of what the tragedy in Benghazi is really all about.  The committee features some “hard-line” Republicans asking outgoing Secretary of State hard-hitting questions about what happened that night when four Americans were killed and by almost all accounts, not enough was done about it, both before and after.  Now, Hillary has the ultimate headline going around with her infamous “What difference does it make?” response.  It is now fodder for Republicans with silly Internet memes using her mug and the quote as a rallying point.

Let’s start with a play-by-play.  First, Hillary tried about every ploy she could think of to get out of testifying.  She also is leaving the Secretary of State post.  Many believe that is to distance herself from President Obama as she prepares to run for president herself in 2016.  Others believe she is running from this very debacle in order to preserve her reputation.  She already has claimed a demonstrable lead in early polls over Vice President Joe Biden, the most likely competitor to her throne.  Perhaps an intimate knowledge of world events and national security leaves her with good reasons to not want to be on board in the next 48 months.  In any case, she’s cutting and running in the wake of a situation that somehow grew into a controversy that continues to overlook the real point.

Thanks for wasting our time and money some more!
Thanks for wasting our time and money some more!

Hillary’s passionate “What difference does it make?” speech isn’t completely unfounded.  Her point was not that Americans dying doesn’t matter, but that the exact events leading up to it is not as important as trying to find out who did it and bring them to justice.  In a sense, this is certainly true.  But because both sides of the cover-up party (yes, Republicans and Democrats) are ignoring the real reason that Americans are interested is why we will never have any real answers.  Hillary’s right.  Tracking down the ones that did it should be paramount, and maybe we can get more answers after that.  However, this does not account for the facts.  Americans aren’t stupid; they know an obvious conspiracy when they see one.  You would be hard-pressed to find a whole lot of Americans that don’t smell a rat in Libya.

The fact of the matter is this event occurred right smack in the middle of a presidential election.  It came right on the heels of Mitt Romney doing a pretty good job of wiping the floor with a withdrawn incumbent in the opening debate and riding some momentum from it.  Whatever happened that night in Benghazi, one thing is for sure…it sure as hell wasn’t getting blamed on one Barack Obama.  And if that meant Hillary had to take the fall, then so be it.  Obama put his foot on Hillary’s neck once before in the original campaign, and this was no different.  What has happened since is Hillary Clinton and the State Department trying to replace one lie with another lie after another to weasel their way out of the blame game.

The reality is that they altered the real version of events to make it seem more like an unpreventable situation.  A random protest broke out.  Media outlets were even showing photographs of people bombarding the walls of the United States Embassy.  In reality, we found that the photographs and video being shown over and over again in the mainstream media weren’t real.  They were clips from other protests being shown as if they were the real thing.  Then, people found out there was no such protest.

In our technological and digital age, there is no way that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or anyone at the State Department was not able to find out if there was a protest going on right after the murders happened.  They spread that story because it sounded better.  They used their muscle to make the media get behind it.  Half of America probably still thinks it was a protest and an unfortunate circumstance.  So, what difference does it make?  The difference is Americans want to know why they were lied to and who ordered it.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy draw little distinction between the one who fabricated the story to cover this up and the actual perpetrators.  They should all be “brought to justice.”

But Hillary’s right.  It doesn’t make any difference.  Because all of these bloodsucking politicians are banded together to give the appearance of a “serious investigation” while allowing the rug to get a little higher up with some more stuff swept under it.  As an added bonus, America gets a haunting reminder that terrorism and Al Qaeda did not die when Osama bin Laden supposedly did.  That gives them the ability to continue to spread the fear on and keep us on the road to the next cog in the wheel of their agenda.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t make any difference.  Another win for the government and another loss for Americans everywhere, regardless of whether they are blissfully unaware or not.

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