Hillary Clinton Recovering From Blood Clot — Plot to Avoid Benghazi Testimony?

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Hillary Clinton.  First, she was talking it up with Barbara Walters about how healthy she was and how, at 65 years of age, she is running as strong as ever and full of energy.  Then, she faints at the podium after a stomach virus that left her out of work for several days, gets a concussion, and has to be hospitalized.  Tough breaks, for sure, but many in conspiracy circles think this is all a little too conveniently timed.  And now the diagnosis of a blood clot in her brain is only making the conspiracy talk escalate.

Many people thought that Hillary’s fainting episode was an attempt to get out of testifying about the politically-damaging Benghazi affair.  There was a sentiment that she was faking an illness, hoping the proceedings would go and conclude without her.  It seemed like this was exactly what was going to happen, but then it was announced publicly that Hillary would be forced to testify.  Next thing you know, she’s back in the hospital with a grave blood clot in the brain.  Possibly life-threatening.

This fits into that wide category of things we simply can’t prove or disprove.  Is Hillary going to extremes to avoid taking the stand and potentially damaging her presidential hopes in 2016?  Or are the illnesses legitimate and just happening at a coincidental time?  Then there’s the question of whether the illnesses themselves could hurt her chances in the presidential race next time around.  Does this make her less of a candidate because she is having a sudden bout of health problems?

On the one hand, we completely believe in Hillary’s ability to commit such an act.  She most certainly would fake an illness to get out of something that didn’t fit her agenda.  However, to go to the lengths of actually passing out at the podium is pretty elaborate.  After all, she could have simply had any old illness announced to the media.  No one could have really questioned her.  Then again, to get out of testifying at something like this, she probably would figure it would take more than a simple stomach bug.  The concussion and public nature of her fainting like that may have helped her legitimize her absence.

The blood clot is even more of a stretch.  Sure, there’s no way we can confirm or deny whether it is authentic.  But to go this length to get out of testifying would be extraordinary.  This is a very scary thing to happen, especially when it happens to be in someone’s brain.  It could have been life-threatening, and if she didn’t receive top-notch health care, it may very well have gone unnoticed and untreated.  Now, this is the kind of illness that could easily takes weeks to recover from, and then there’s the question of the state of her brain (doctors say there is no brain damage) and the potential stress of asking her to testify in this condition.  Legitimate or not, she can milk this for however long she needs.  The word on the street was that John Kerry would not be confirmed as Secretary of State replacing Hillary until she testified on the Benghazi nightmare.  But with the current Secretary of State hospitalized with a grave condition and the other one all but assured confirmation and simply standing in the batter’s on-deck circle, at some point you have to think that everything will be waived so that the State Department can get a leader and get moving in the right direction again.  There are plenty of things going on in the world right now that demand a Secretary of State’s attention, and it would seem like a good decision to not keep the department on auto-pilot for weeks over something silly like getting the outgoing Secretary of State to testify about a silly death of a United States ambassador that specifically asked for extra security for fear of his own situation.

What do you think?  Is it coincidental timing?  Or an elaborate plot to make sure that Hillary Clinton never has to speak on this matter, no matter how ridiculous it has to get?  Let us know what you think.

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  1. I had a tooth pulled today and I’m nervous about dry socket. What is the blood clot supposed to look like?

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