Footage From NBC News Confirms No Assault Rifle Was Used in Sandy Hook Shootings

This clip from NBC’s Today Show reveals some very controversial information with regards to the horrific Sandy Hook school mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last month.  As you no doubt already know, the slaughtering of elementary children by Adam Lanza became a rallying point for President Obama to make dramatic moves toward gun control in the United States.  New York also made sweeping reforms to its own gun control measures.  Obama’s plan seems to really zero in on assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines as the major problems that are contributing to America’s gun violence problem.  The proposals and executive orders have divided the nation and caused much protest from those that feel that the government has no right to legislate these sorts of things.  Now, the revelation that an assault rifle was possibly not even used in the incident that bolstered the attempt to ban them sooner rather than later is only going to further increase the divide between the two sides on this issue and keep the gun hawks ready with a new battle cry.

Common Sense Conspiracy does want to point out a few things.  While this video clip is very interesting and would certainly be damning if it is true, it should also be pointed out, to be fair, that the video is from early on after the shootings when all sorts of information was being floated around.  Like most things in our digital age, it is entirely possible that the clip is being taken out of context.  This means that NBC could have reported this at one point and then replaced it with the “correct” story later.  However, standing on its own, it definitely makes one wonder what really happened at Sandy Hook and the convenient timing of the assault rifle ban push coming just on its heels.

What do you think?  Conspiracy to take assault rifles off the streets for the government’s future agenda.  Or simply bad reporting on limited information?