CSC Takes America’s Temperature — Would You Give Up Your Tax Refund For America?

Tax season is a reason for cheer for many American families.
Tax season is a reason for cheer for many American families.

Whether you lean Republican, Democrat, or you side with the CSC that it’s all one and the same (which incidentally, it is supposed to be the same, if all of the moving parts of the machine were working together correctly), we want to ask a simple question.  This is not meant for the wealthy Americans.  Or poor Americans.  It is not meant for those that receive “entitlement” benefits from the government or for people that have multiple dependents and therefore get a bigger piece of their money back when January rolls around.  It is a question for everyone because Common Sense Conspiracy just wants to know if America is willing to put its money where its mouth is.

The question is simple.  Whether you do or not, for the sake of this social experiment, let’s assume that you work at a job, have taxes deducted from your payroll check each week, and typically get a fairly large sum (for your personal situation) back in the form of a tax refund when the dust settles in April each year.  Now, we all sit through all of the name-calling and finger-pointing in Washington.  They argue over who should pay more or less tax tirelessly.  Well, let’s stop for a second and ask why anyone even cares.  Why are we even discussing taxes?

The answer is simple.  The current system is not working.  The government is not taking in enough money to cover its expenditures each year, and that results in further ballooning of the national debt.  Everyone knows that the only solution to that is to bring in more cash, because we all know that the government has no intentions of cutting back one iota on what it is spending.  So, the money’s got to come from somewhere.  So we endlessly debate who should take the hit.  Well, Common Sense Conspiracy is asking America a simple question.  How would you feel if the answer was simply everyone?

I know we are going at this from a perfect world approach, but once again, for the sake of the experiment, let’s assume that somehow, someway, we can prove to you that the government has a fool-proof plan that if they get the money, they will correct the issues in a manner that serves America’s interests.  Meaning paying down the deficit slowly but surely by balancing the budget with the extra cash and having some portion to go for paying back the mess they have created by years of negligence and ignoring a glaring problem that really only ever had one solution.  So, all you gotta do is give up your tax refunds for the next five years.  You do that, and America comes out the other side with a debt that is moving in the right direction, a government that is making progress without overspending its checking account, and the promise of a vibrant nation for your children and grandchildren.  All that without having to cut back on any of the government programs (including the military) that keep us safe, secure, and healthy.

federal-tax-refundYes, the comments section here will be filled with the argument that we can’t trust the government to do this with our money.  Believe you me, Common Sense Conspiracy completely agrees with that sentiment and would never trust Washington to follow through on anything.  But this is a hypothetical situation to find out if Americans, the average every-day American, really wants this to get better to the point that they would willingly make that personal sacrifice to make it happen.

So, if giving up your tax refund the next five years starting right now would fix these problems, would you do it?

And if you wouldn’t, why?  Remember that in this hypothetical, distrust of the government is not a reason.  We are stipulating that the right thing would be done with the money.  So what would your reason be for not going with the plan?
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4 thoughts on “CSC Takes America’s Temperature — Would You Give Up Your Tax Refund For America?”

  1. Seems no one would even consider this 😉 But anyway, why our taxes? Are we in responsible for the government’s faults? If not, why should our money be used to pay for their mistakes? Shouldn’t they just print more money and leave the poor citizens alone?

  2. No, I would not give my tax return up. They take enough out of my small paychecks as it is. The real problem is the big banks & corporations (not small businesses) and the uber rich who can hire fleets of tax attorneys to make sure they pay nothing or very, very little. If they paid their fare share, and if congress would quit catering to the MIC and keeping the country in illegal wars that enrich the war machine but impoverish the rest of us, this country would not be in such bad shape. Break up the big banks, reimpose Glass-Stegall, cut the size of the military in half, end all wars that are not protecting the US homeland from direct attack, impose severe penalties for offshoring operations and capital, get rid of the free trade boondoggle (free trade in US = human slavery, somewhere in the world and massive unempoyment here) and go back to tax rates of the late 50’s and then we’ll see stuff start turning around…

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