Could the Louisiana Sinkhole Threaten the Super Bowl? Fracking False Flag?

The dome has been the victim of one natural disaster.  Is the sinkhole the next one?
The dome has been the victim of one natural disaster. Is the sinkhole the next one?

You probably remember our accounts of the most ignored potential disaster going.  A mysterious sinkhole in Louisiana just keeps getting bigger, and already, authorities have acknowledged the possibility that its rapid expansion could result in a cataclysmic explosion of Hiroshima-like results.  The sinkhole is in Assumption Parish which is around 50 miles south of Baton Rouge, the state’s capital.  It is already confirmed to be 400-feet deep and has a massive diameter of 372 feet.  People have already been hurt working in and around it, and just two days ago from this post, workers were evacuated as the sinkhole grew some more.  There has also been a spike in seismic activity in the region.

Now, those in conspiracy circles are sweating this one.  With the current spike in activity around the sinkhole, the doomsday predictions as to what could possibly happen as a result of it, and the upcoming Super Bowl date in New Orleans has many that wonder about such things concerned.  Could the Louisiana sinkhole threaten the Super Bowl and New Orleans itself?  And could fracking be the cause?  Are there powers that be looking for a “natural” false flag of epic proportions?

The problem with these theories is simple.  The sinkhole could do a lot of things, but it is highly unlikely that it could affect New Orleans or Baton Rouge for that matter.  While a failed natural gas cavern near the sinkhole has led to mushroom cloud predictions if it continues to expand (which clearly it is), a lot of the rhetoric is typical fear mongering.  The reality is that the Louisiana sinkhole could unleash a massive explosion.  But while it might have the force of a Hiroshima or Nagasaki, the area wouldn’t be anything like it.  If the sinkhole did explode, it would be really bad news for anyone nearby.  But for New Orleans and Baton Rouge, there would be little reason not to go about their daily lives.

So, the bottom line here is that yes, the sinkhole is a problem and scientists and experts are scratching their heads about why it is happening.  But is it a threat to the Super Bowl, or you wherever you are?  Probably not.  Unless of course, you live in Assumption Parish.  In that case, you might want to book a trip to New Orleans for the big game…just to be safe.