BREAKING NEWS: Yet Another Shooting in Alburquerque — The Gun Violence Reign of Terror Continues in the United States

While most Americans are gearing up to see what two football teams will rise to the top to play in the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks, residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico are reeling from yet another violent gun episode that has left two adults and three children dead.

The perpetrator is a fifteen-year-old boy and the murders took place at a private residence.  The teenager did not turn the gun on himself as is so often the case in these dramas, but instead was arrested.  Neither the victims nor the boy’s names have been released.  Investigators also would not say whether the victims were related, although it certainly would be a safe assumption that it is so.  They did reveal some of the horrific nature of the crime by indicating that each victim was shot more than once.  There were several weapons in the home, at least one that was a semi-automatic, but we don’t know if it was used in the murders at this time.  Of course, as we know from Sandy Hook, it doesn’t matter.  Just the fact that it was there will cause this latest shooting to be another mounding piece of “evidence” against assault-style rifles and the amazing wisdom of President Barack Obama to zero on them as the problem with gun violence in this country.