BREAKING NEWS: California’s Taft High School Endures Latest Shootings Against Gun Control Debate Backdrop

It’s true. Yet another school shooting has occurred today in California. The city of Taft is northwest of Los Angeles. Taft High School was descended on by police after a 911 call from students and teachers hiding in a closet. Early reports indicate that only two people were wounded and the shooter was taken into custody. However, a lot of times with these things it will start out with a relatively okay report and then more serious details arise later. So, we hope that these early reports hold up.
The timing of this is very interesting as Joe Biden is furiously trying to put together new initiatives for gun control in the United States, an issue which has left the nation very divided. Now, there is a debate over whether President Obama can use executive orders to get something done and bypass Congress altogether. Naturally, Congress, and gun activists everywhere, are not too happy about this possibility.
More on this as details become available. You can bet we will hear plenty about this in conspiracy circles as the day goes forward.