Are Chemtrails Killing the Bees — 1/3 of the World Population Gone Already?

Most people are aware that there has been a crisis in the world’s bee population, mainly because of soaring prices of honey.  A lot of people aren’t taking this seriously enough, however, as many scientists believe that the bee may actually be in danger of extinction.  What’s even more worrisome is that no one seems to know why the bee population is declining so rapidly.  It’s important to note that losing the bees is not just about not having honey.  Remember what bees do, right?  They are plants means of transportation.  And we kinda need the plants around, don’t we, oxygen breathers?  So, this is not trying to get on an environmental soapbox, but the bee crisis may have higher stakes than many realize.  Could chemtrails be responsible?

3 thoughts on “Are Chemtrails Killing the Bees — 1/3 of the World Population Gone Already?”

  1. “Plants means of transportation”? Try, plants means of reproduction. Bees cross polinate almost all of the worlds food crops.

    1. Yes…the bees are the means of transportation… the bees do pollinate, which allows the plants to spread their seed. Same concept, different words, but I appreciate the commentary.

  2. This is quite strange and I reckon it would be worth investigating but testing the effects of a chemtrail on a bee in a laboratory and seeing if that’s the cause.

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