What to Expect in Conspiracy Circles in 2013

Rounding out our series of year-end articles, Common Sense Conspiracy wants to take a moment to look forward to 2013 and what our readers might expect in conspiracy circles with the coming of the new year.  Of course, there’s no way of knowing what will be the big stories of 2013, but we do have some insights into a few topics that will remain prominent over the next several months.

First of all is the so-called fiscal cliff.  Expect Congress to make a last-ditch effort and reach some accord to extend the cuts at least temporarily so they can wring their hands some more in the early months of 2013.  This will continue to be a story as Republicans and Democrats battle over the tax cuts that inevitably must be dropped, but neither party wants to endure the political fallout of doing it.  But a bigger story will resurface quickly.  The debt ceiling will be up for another raising debate in the spring, and look for Congress to once again leave America’s credit rating for dead while they argue about something that is basically unavoidable.

The possibility of war between the United States, Israel, and Iran isn't going away anytime soon.
The possibility of war between the United States, Israel, and Iran isn’t going away anytime soon.

Iran has been a little quiet.  Expect something from Tehran soon in 2013 and more war drums beating loudly in the background.  Will the United States go bold and make a move?  And will Israel stay on the sidelines regardless?  These will be big questions.  Our prediction is that something will happen that will cause Israel to budge first.  The United States practically begged Israel to not do anything in the last quarter of 2012, mainly because of political motivations.  That’s all over now that President Obama has another four years with no political implications on the table, so expect Israel to say enough is enough.  Will the United States stand by its ally or condemn an attack and go it alone?  Hard to say, and it will probably be dependent on what stance Iran itself takes over the coming months.

Gun control will be a huge topic in early 2013, coming off of the horrible mass shootings that have plagued the nation and reached an apex with the senseless slaughtering of elementary school children in Newtown, Connecticut.  Obama has already took a stern stance on gun control and has enlisted Joe Biden to get something done quickly.  As the fiscal cliff talk dissipates, it will be quickly replaced with more gun control chatter.  Expect Obama and company to push for an assault weapons ban reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s own in the 1990’s.  But a real gun ban is probably out of reach, whether the powers-that-be would like to see it happen or not.  Expect more shootings to bolster this, be it government-sanctioned false flag operations or just more crazy folks trying to make headlines.  The debate over whether schools should be guarded will continue as well, but this chatter will probably die out if no more school shootings happen in the near future.

Solar storms will be all the rage in 2013.  NASA has already warned that this period could be one of the most active in the solar cycle in a few decades.  They even have predicted a blackout in 2013 because of it.  Expect plenty of conspiracy talk about this and plenty of outlandish theories suggesting that there is more to the story than a natural progression of the solar cycle.  And asteroid discoveries are big right now.  Expect plenty of more chatter about an asteroid striking the Earth, mostly unfounded.  Also, look for a new apocalyptic theory to show up to take the place of the now defunct 2012 Mayan theory.  It is our observation that some sort of apocalyptic theory is always in effect, and 2013 will be no exception to that rule.  It could be Nibiru, asteroids, solar storms, or earthquakes.  Earthquakes were a big deal in 2012 and no doubt will continue to take center stage in the new year.

From there, it gets murkier.  There is still plenty of instability economically in Europe, and Greece and Italy will still be major news stories.  Add to that the possibility of a sputtering United States economy at the hand of tax increases and debt ceilings, and recession could once again be an international topic in 2013.  Conspiracy circles will anticipate the coming of a one-world currency as a solution to the economic woes worldwide.  It’s an interesting thought, and probably a long term goal of the New World Order, but we don’t believe that the time is now.

As more provisions of ObamaCare go into effect, health care will continue to be a focal point in 2013.  Also, mental health care is a big issue, with many pundits claiming that the outbreak of mass shootings is related to mentally-ill people not being able to get the help they need.  Look for more debate and more challenges as some states continue to hold that they will not adhere to ObamaCare.  Could there be a big standoff between the federal government and state government over this issue?  Possibly, but it’s much more likely that the states will eventually back down and go with the flow.  The same is probably true of gay marriage.  It will certainly continue to be a dominant topic, and Obama’s endorsement will have plenty of people talking about a conspiracy.  In the end, there just probably isn’t enough support to get gay marriage federally approved as law.  But the Supreme Court has agreed to hear some cases on the matter, and 2013 could be the year for a landmark ruling.

So, what do you think?  Any hot-button issues you see boiling over for 2013?  Let us know.  We need all the help we can get.

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