“This Land is Mine” Video Chronicles the Most Fought For Piece of Land in All the World

Poignant video here with an eerie soundtrack that takes us through the trials and tribulations of that land we in America call Israel.  It starts in caveman times and progresses all the way through to today.  How is it that all of these world religions can insist that one small piece of land belongs to them and be willing to kill to try to keep it or take it back?  Is this what God intended?  Or do you believe that the concept that there is a god and he had any intentions is the root cause of this?  Worth your three minutes in any case.

3 thoughts on ““This Land is Mine” Video Chronicles the Most Fought For Piece of Land in All the World”

  1. I think the point is that, biblically and factually, the land was actually promised and given to the children of Israel. No doubt that it’s “politically incorrect” to say that today, but facts are facts. The bloodshed happened for two reasons: one, other nations coveted the land and took it illegally, and two, the Israelites disobeyed their God, broke the covenant and brought trouble down on their own heads. So where does that leave us? There’s still a longtern plan to restore the land ownership but only on certain conditions, and not without another round of horrific destruction and bloodshed. Watch this space.

  2. I love the accuret depiction. It is a Holy sight where the Temple of the mound is because they cut with laser and moved a mountain to form the roof and walls of the first shopping center. When populations got large enough after the last time the planets magnetic grid got refreshed. every 5,125 years cause by a top secret natural accuance that is like a massage for the magnetic ballaround the planet here. when that magnesphere calms down it is a contracting process and makes the atomic energy so dence thaat levitation is easy. with the two energy forces that make all matter that exist the same forces that make a soul and spirit to hold that soul. together we can move a mountain. That sacret area they do genicide to keep for a belief that is fuzzy thinking was where the God man put his spin over lazored rocks and moved then up and carved with the stuff inside the Ark of the Covenent. It is ingraned in my soul to keep the covenent of Christ and thats why I know. I am desendent from the lost trib of Isreal because we didn’t want any part of the scheme, and stream of bs that has led us up to todays calamities and catastophes. Animals and children are white light. and lite enough to not be pulled down to hell by the contracting forces. I think it continues untill 2060. Then it stablizes. Provided we havent tipped over into the global warming desaster. Which is close to happening wake up come out of the dilusional dream world. Carie

  3. Great video, although it speaks of Israel it also brings to my mind what we’re facing today. We desperately need to find Gods will, His desires for those things we’re facing today.

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