Santa Arrested By Texas Police — Too Much Christmas Spirit?

Police arrested Santa and hauled him off in handcuffs at the Texas Capitol Building this Christmas.  He committed the grievous offense of writing holiday messages on the sidewalk with chalk.  Fortunately, it seems that he completed his yearly mission of delivering gifts before his subsequent incarceration.  They through a resist charge on him for good measure, as he clearly put up a major struggle.  Rudolph was nowhere to be found, but Animal Control was on standby in case more charlatans had to be dealt with.  Kudos to the Texas Police for doing this in a very tasteful way so as to not ruin any young children’s Christmas.

According to eyewitness reports, police used the NORAD tracker to discover Santa’s whereabouts.

And for the police defenders that come out to say that we don’t know what happened before then, we scooped a video of a couple of minutes before police arrived as well. Just in case you were wondering or about to make a really stupid point…

2 thoughts on “Santa Arrested By Texas Police — Too Much Christmas Spirit?”

  1. Did they perhaps think he was (a) drunk or (b) making some kind of “street protest”? Whatever, it was heavy-handed. I wonder what they actually charged him with in the end?

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