Sandy Hook and Aurora Appear in The Dark Knight Rises Movie — Prediction or Nonsense?

You know our motto at Common Sense Conspiracy.  We hate to bring up this nonsense considering the grave circumstances, but we do it in a good faith effort to dispel these theories that are getting major hits on the Internet.  Basically, there is a video going around that we feature below (it may not be up for long, so be aware) that claims to show footage of the words AURORA showing up on a building marquee in the movie The Dark Knight Rises.  We all know what happened in Aurora and its connection to the Batman movie.  Then, we see another clip where the film shows a map that has Sandy Hook on it.  Before we go any further, here’s the video:

kn50ce384eNow, for the fact-checking.  The AURORA reference is not from that movie at all.  This footage is actually from Skyfall, the latest film in the James Bond franchise.  Still a little eerie, but the author of this video doesn’t volunteer this information.  If he is willing to lie about that to advance his cause and get some Internet traffic, why should we trust anything he has to say?  As for the Sandy Hook part, it is authentic.  The explanation:  the map used for the fictional Gotham City is actually New York.  Sandy Hook appears on the map because it would appear on any map of this area.  Is it stomach-turning?  Yes.  But is there any reason to believe this is some sort of Illuminati-tinged prediction of future events.  Hardly.

Other sites are going much farther, saying there are triangles and circles on the map that indicate clear Illuminati ties.  Since we’re not in the Illuminati (yet), we can’t speak for that, but there are plenty of nutjobs on the Internet that would be more than happy to explain it to you in graphic detail.

Common Sense Conspiracy believes this is one of those instances where we all would find it easier to believe in some sort of grand conspiracy rather than the truth.  It is somehow easier to swallow than the idea that this was a conspiracy…of one man, one shooter with the evilest of intentions.  But it brings us no closer to figuring out how to go from here in stopping this madness once and for all.  What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Sandy Hook and Aurora Appear in The Dark Knight Rises Movie — Prediction or Nonsense?”

  1. Gets even stranger in Wikipedia. For the Aurora 2012 shooting, it says: “In the wake of the shooting, DC Comics delayed the release of Batman Incorporated #3,[89] which includes a scene in which a female Leviathan agent brandishes a handgun in a classroom full of children while disguised as a schoolteacher.”

  2. Nice article.

    Question : why do you refer to people who have questions as “nut jobs”
    Sure there are lots of crazies out there but you have genuine people with more question than answers. If the “aroura” clip was from the same movie still doesn’t change the fact that something is not right here. That was his intent in making the video and he did just that make people think so kudos to him bring this to our attention.

    How is it you had nothing to say about the matrix and 9/11 reference ?
    I suppose that’s just coincidence?

  3. I haven’t seen the movie, but I am told that the clip with the Aurora was shown at the same time as the movie The Dark Knight Rises.

  4. I just looked at NY map as well. There is only Sandy Hook bay with a small island unit. Take a look at it, very simple google and look. It is nothing like the map in the movie and can not just be casually disregarded. There is clear placement of the name on the map and can not be explained as a NY map. Use common sense as you title yourself.

  5. Sorry man. This article seems like a complete refute of reality. Your excuse about the map placing being normal is complete foolishness. If it is a map of New York, then why is Sandy Hook located at the south east corner?? Doesn’t make any sense?

    Please understand, this is not an attack on you. But if there is any evidence that the people are at danger…asking questions is the LEAST we can do. JOIN US!

  6. @ Stephen et al –

    “If the “aroura” clip was from the same movie still doesn’t change the fact that something is not right here”

    Nonsense, it’s called a coincidence.

    The problem I find with most people who want to buy into conspiracy theories is that they are willing to ignore logic and facts and find deep and dark hidden meanings in almost anything, along with conveniently ignoring information that doesn’t fit their theory. End result, you end up being like this guy – END TIMES PROPHECY IN GANGNAM STYLE (William Tapley) and that’s not the only video he’s made on the subject :/

    Yes, some conspiracies do exist but not the fantastical illuminati or NWO rubbish, which most of the time seems like an excuse to be bigoted towards Jewish people.

    But hey, what do I know. I’m just a shape shifting lizard disinfo agent from the Nth dimension working for the Top Secret Shadow World Government Corporation/Bank, Bar and Grill. Probably 😉

  7. There is a hotel in New York (the basis for the fictitious Gotham) located on 3rd Ave.

    The map displayed is one of the greater New York area (again the basis of Gotham). Across from Manhattan is a little place called Sandy Hook, NJ.

    The movie was tripe and people are wading into this to find a conspiracy?

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