Rats on Mars? Did NASA Almost Make Historic Announcement?

You read it here at Common Sense Conspiracy and in the news.  NASA scientists were salivating over an announcement that was to be made this week about something that the Curiosity rover had discovered on Mars.  It was pegged as one for the history books.  Then, nothing happened.  NASA only released a standard press release that announced that Curiosity in its first round of soil experiments had found nothing more than expected.  As you might imagine, conspiracy sites were already racing to post theories about what this announcement might be, and now there are photographs circulating around that are being heralded as the “real story” that NASA was thinking about going public with.

The photos show what appears to be a rodent lying in the Martian soil.  The video below shows several views of the supposed rodent from different angles.  The reality here is simple.  We all know what special effects and Photoshop are capable of, and there is no way to know if what we are seeing here really got beamed down from Mars or is just a clever manipulation.  Having said that, there’s also the possibility that it just looks like a rat or a guinea pig, but is really just a rock.  Kind of like kids see things in the clouds.  You see what you want to see sometimes.

The regrettable thing is that if NASA is covering this up, we’ll never be able to prove it.  So, we must take this with a grain of salt and form our own opinions for ourselves.  So, what do you think?  Rat on Mars, or do you smell a rat here on Earth is really responsible for these interesting photographs?