Nurse That Fell for Prank Call to Princess Kate Turns Up Dead — Punishment? Suicide Note Fact or Fiction?

Mel Greig and Michael Christian pulled a prank for the ages. But at what cost?

Jacintha Saldanha was a nurse with a tough job.  She was providing care for none other than Princess Kathryn, the former Kate Middleton, who was just recently revealed to be pregnant.  She was being cared for in the King Edward VII’s Hospital after a particularly bad bout of morning sickness and dehydration related to the pregnancy.  Of course, the media and paparazzi were swirling to try to get up-to-date information on Kate’s condition, but despite all of the ridiculous things they tried to get an inside track, two radio DJ’s in Australia, across the world from Kate, were able to get the scoop.

Jacintha Saldanha was the unlucky nurse that answered the phone when pranksters Mel Greig and Michael  Christian called up pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.  They managed to convince poor Jacintha that they were legit, and she willingly passed on information to them about Kate’s condition.  Suddenly, the duo from Australia was sitting on the greatest scoop of the news day.  As you might expect, Kate was admitted to this particular hospital because it was supposed to be a secure location and have a good system of protecting confidentiality.  So when the call got patched through and Jacintha answered, she probably already assumed the call had been authenticated.  In any case, she fell for the prank.  For Mel and Michael, it was a major score on a prank that was expected to be easily turned away.  As a matter of fact, they were completely shocked on the air when they were put through.

That’s the fun part of the story.  So Ms. Saldanha gets a little egg on her face and maybe a rebuke, but it’s all good right.

It’s all fun and games until Jacintha turns up dead.

That’s right.  Police were called and she was found to be unconscious and unresponsive.  The police have released no details or speculations on cause of death.  Basically, she’s dead and that’s all we know.  Princess Kate and company did release a statement expressing their grief on her death and talking about how great of a job she did for them while they were under her care.

You don’t have to be the conspiracy theorist of the year to figure out where this is going next.

Jacintha messed up.  No doubt about that.  But did the Royal Family decide that the penalty for that mistake was death?  Or was Jacintha so upset about what happened and all of the negative publicity that she killed herself?  As usual, the police could probably dispel a  lot of the theories if they just gave a little more information, but so far, they’re not telling and we’ll probably have to wait weeks for real answers.  In the meantime, Mel and Michael have been pulled off the air, their Twitter accounts shut down, and apologies issued for the prank that has now took a tragic turn.

How long before they turn up dead too?  Or is Australia too far out of reach?

We will be monitoring this fascinating story that will no doubt be lighting up conspiracy sites and forums in the coming days.

Don’t mess with Princess Kate!  Check out the actual prank call below.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Since the publishing of this article which has been viewed by thousands of people, authorities have released more information.  Now, it has been stated that the nurse left a suicide note.  The text of the alleged note has not been released.  The only information of its contents is that it was addressed to her husband and family.  Once again, why was this not simply stated from the beginning?  Or has it been fabricated to alleviate some of the scrutiny?  The nurse’s family continues to insist that the hospital won’t give them enough information about the circumstances leading to their loved one’s death.  It also is insinuated that she did not tell her family that she was involved in the hoax.  It wasn’t until her death that they discovered that she played any role in what happened.

3 thoughts on “Nurse That Fell for Prank Call to Princess Kate Turns Up Dead — Punishment? Suicide Note Fact or Fiction?”

    1. Exactly, she just patched the call through to another nurse who divulged all of the information. Why is Saldanha being made to look like she may have done anything wrong.

      That’s what really makes this look like a conspiracy. Who’s the other nurse? Is she being protected, or did Saldanha take a hit for another reason? Like a family member who stepped out of line elsewhere? Hubby Ben Barboza, accountant for the financially troubled NHS. NHS will also be taking a huge hit financially from the Jimmy Savile lawsuits. “I want to know about the circumstances of her death and nobody is giving me an answer.”

  1. If her death was not an accident then i think think her death was a ‘penalty’ for her mistake

    Instead think of what the media were like towards the Royals back in olden days – they portrayed the Royals in the way that Royals wanted to be portrayed. The Royals were in charge of their image and relationship with the public.

    That changed as Diana came along when suddenly the media could say whatever they wanted and the Royal family lost control (and also lost popularity to Diana – but thats another issue).

    The media have been cautious about Kate and William since they started dating but still are more instrusive than the Royals would like. This death, and subsequent media coverage, has created an envirtonment were the media are too scared to go against the Royals and paint them in a negative way. Take for example the fact that Eamonn Holmes apologised for showing an unblurred picture of Kate. Not a naked picture – but just an unblurred picture.

    The Royals are now dealing with the media and public on their own terms again and all it cost was one nurse!

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