Nuclear Test by United States on December 6th — Hypocrisy? Pollux to Come?

Impressive shot of the last U.S. full-scale nuclear test, codenamed “Divider.”

Iran and Russia are not very happy that the United States has apparently conducted a nuclear test in the deserts of Nevada a few days ago even while tightening up rhetoric against Iran for developing its own nuclear program, which it, of course, continues to claim is purely for peaceful purposes.  The United States says that the test is okay because it is termed a “subcritical” test.  Of course, we have no information as to exactly what that means, but for those keeping score at home, the United States conducted, or intends to, the closest thing to a full-scale nuclear test in over 20 years.

Now, this is not that unusual in history.  Subcritical testing is quite common, and the U.S. did plenty of it between the years of 2006 and 2010, but a two-year absence seems to make this one more a headline-catcher.  What’s more menacing is the rumor going around conspiracy circles that this test is in preparation for Pollux, something that is supposedly going to be a first of its kind demonstration that will unleash a new weapons capability for the U.S. nuclear arsenal.  We don’t claim to be nuclear experts, but it all boils down to the use of plutonium-239 for fuel in this new project, and it supposedly will involve a miniaturized primary nuclear warhead.

It has long been documented the apparent hypocrisy of the United States in working so hard to evolve its own nuclear arsenal whilst barring other nations from doing so, both with military action and diplomatic sanctions.  Is Pollux to be a statement to the world that this superpower is alive and strong as ever?  Or is it just a rumor and nothing out of the ordinary is happening?  And why did President Obama make so much of his vision of a world without nuclear weapons even as this test was being prepared?

Are we on the verge of a new arms race?  What do you think?  The answer may be beyond all of our pay grades.