Jacintha Saldanha Conspiracy — No Answers Coming Even as Radio DJ’s Break Down in Tears of Regret

This story isn’t getting any clearer as the days go by.  Mel Grieg and Michael Christian went public in a television interview full of tears and apologies over the death of Ms. Saldanha, but the real crime here is that we aren’t finding out any more information than before.  The authorities have painted this as an “apparent suicide” but we are not getting the lowdown on what happened after the prank call from Ms. Saldanha’s perspective.

The story the media and people in position of authority seem to want to paint is that Ms. Saldanha was so upset about the incident that she resolved to kill herself.  But police reports have not given any public reason as to why they believe this to be the case.  That paired with the fact that the hospital isn’t speaking up either is making everyone wonder what really is at the heart of this tragic case that is smelling more and more like a conspiracy by the minute.

Our knee-jerk reaction was that Ms. Saldanha might have been murdered in some type of retribution for divulging information.  Upon further examination, this seems less likely of an approach.  After all, the DJ’s are safe and sound.  But then again, they are in Australia.  Is the Royal Family’s reach that long?  Maybe not.  In any case, the real travesty is that Ms. Saldanha is carrying the brunt of the blame in the media but there is increasing speculation that she was not necessarily the one to blame.  Was another nurse really responsible for this and Jacintha became a patsy for the hospital?  Now, the 2Day FM company that aired the hoax is speaking publicly that the staff at the radio show called the hospital five times trying to get the hoax to come through.  They have said that they simply initiated the prank call and were as surprised as anyone when the ploy worked.  But if this new information is true, it would indicate that they went to much greater lengths to make this prank a success.  That only clouds things farther.  If they tried five times, with the first four being unsuccessful, what made the last one work?  Shouldn’t everyone have been well aware of the plot by this time in the game?  Could it be that 2Day FM is focused on covering its own butt at this point by throwing more dirt on the pranksters and turning attention away from a pitiful security and confidentiality failure on their part?  Is there anyone out there that doesn’t think there will be more legal action to come from all of this?

For starters, if the hospital fired or punished Saldanha but there were other people involved who were not punished, the lawsuits could be endless and limitless in their scope.  Right now, we are all waiting breathlessly for more information from the coroner about cause of death, information that no doubt the authorities have but aren’t divulging any facts.  I mean, if Saldanha was laid out with pills everywhere, that would be information that would back up the “apparent suicide.”  Right now, the only evidence that this was suicide is simply the fact that the authorities say this is what they suspect.  Perhaps it’s not the Royal Family but the hospital itself that needed Jacintha to be quiet.

As for the interviews, you be the judge.  The tears were plentiful, but do you feel that the radio jocks were sincerely contrite or just playing the part.  In any case, as you might imagine, 2Day FM has banned anymore prank calls from shows on its network.

2 thoughts on “Jacintha Saldanha Conspiracy — No Answers Coming Even as Radio DJ’s Break Down in Tears of Regret”

  1. This whole incident is absolute bullshit. A woman killed herself and there is absolutely no need for it to be publicized in such a horrible way, these people have lost their jobs because of this, when something like this would NOT have caused someone with a HEALTHY mental state to commit suicide. It is so unfortunate that half the world thinks Australians are morons and blaming these people. These people are not murders, and The prank call was in no way offensive or personal to jacintha. It’s a sad situation but it’s even sadder that people kill themselves everyday and don’t get recognized by the media, let alone by funds being set up for their families? And the damages to these two poor peoples careers as mental state I’m sure is not going to heal easily.

  2. look this whole suicide story stinks to high hell. firstly women rarely hang themselves and secondly this is just one of the many strange deaths that have swirled around the royal family. what about dianas lover old hewitt whose head was appropriately chopped off in a motorbike acident. or diana and dodi who were killed when amazingly all the cameras in the whole of paris failed to function at the same time. or how about the old queen mother ordering that the king be put down so that he would appear in the sunday times. and what about charles being found in bed with a male servant and a d notice being issued by the brit govt to stop any publication of such facts relating to the matter and how about hewitt jnr /prince harrys escapades in l.a. and what about the young ladies who were going to sell further films of the good harry orgying away in his hotel room. this pair and their movie seem also to have disappeared. it never ceases to amaze me how the brit public allow all this to go on. they are like brainwashed north koreans when it comes to royalty.

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