Handcuffed Man Walked Out of Woods in Sandy Hook After Shootings — Mystery?

A lot of people are in an uproar in conspiracy circles tonight about some local news footage as the shootings were just concluding in Newtown, Connecticut.  The news crew interviewed some people around the scene and it was indicated that police walked a man out of the woods close to the school in handcuffs.  There has been no further mention of it, and a lot of people want answers as to what happened here?  Did police simply apprehend him as a precaution or is there more to the story?  We are investigating as we speak.  Contact us if you have more information on this overlooked development.

5 thoughts on “Handcuffed Man Walked Out of Woods in Sandy Hook After Shootings — Mystery?”

  1. The call came in at exactly 9:41am. The same time on the display of Apple devices, not saying there’s a connection but that’s weird

  2. That’s not the only missing facts, how does the back seat at-15 end up next to his dead body? Why is there all this pending investigation sh*t? How the this mother and son target shooting duo not ever attend and gun clubs/shooting ranges/gun shops? When did she purchase these weapons, how did the son get his hands on these weapons? Why were the children executed all with two rounds ? So much of this seems professional, I haven’t had a right feeling about this whole thing since I heard about it. So much misinformation, smoke and mirrors, and anti-gun sensationalism. I stumbled on your site in a quest for more info and I keep getting drawn back!

  3. That’s the one thing (now 2 I guess – handcuffed man is new to me) that I don’t understand. Why are we making a complete villain out of the 20 year old and presenting sainthood to the mother? The articles I read about her made her sound like she spent every night on a bar stool. How long has that been going on? Who was home with the boy? Why did she amass those guns and did she purposely leave them out, unlocked or was she just not that bright? I’d very much like to know why the mother isn’t being crucified over this. Any mother knows that 20 years is not very ‘old’ for a son and a disabled son who can’t feel pain and cannot relate to physical pain needed more than a tv dinner while she drank all night.
    And now, thank you for complicating things, I want to know about the handcuffed man. This does seem a bit too detailed and planned out for someone like the son to do alone. And evil.

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