Elementary School Shooting in Connecticut Terrorizes Parents Nationwide — Children Targets Now?

By now you have certainly heard about the senseless events that took place in the normally peaceful town of Newtown, Connecticut.  We won’t rehash the reporting of the news here as there are plenty of sources all over the Internet for that.  We also are treating this as a special case in which Common Sense Conspiracy refuses to recognize the perpetrators by name.  We do this on purpose because we feel that too many crazy people in this world relish in the publicity they receive when terrible acts like this are committed.  The name of the gunman will not appear here.  As far as we are concerned, he exists only as a pure manifestation of evil and no longer deserves the right to be addressed as a human being.  Also, we have published no photographs or videos.  The media has plenty of these if you are interested and they are not difficult to locate.  We refuse to place photographs of scared children and their frantic, terrorized parents on our site.  It’s understood that this does take away from the readability of this article, and some of you may have been looking for that.  We hope you can understand our stance on this and why we chose to do as we have done here.

The shootings are out of control.  The so-called “Batman” massacre in Aurora comes to mind.  The recent Oregon mall shootings that were eerily similar in the details took place just a couple of days ago.  It is entirely possible that this one in Newtown conquers all.  26 people were killed, making this the second worse mass shooting in American history.  It is second only to the Virginia Tech massacre where 33 were killed back in 2007.  However, it’s not the body count that makes this one stand out so much; it is the nature of those bodies.  Of the 26, 20 were children.  And not teenagers, high-school students, college students… elementary school children.  Kindergarteners.

Right now we don’t have a lot of information.  The only real “motive” that has been suggested for the attack so far is based on the fact that the gunman suffered from a “personality disorder.”  In conspiracy circles, this will be addressed in the coming weeks in a variety of ways.  Some will say that the gunman was a victim of some sort of mind control government experiment.  Others will say this is a rallying point for gun control.  We will analyze this against the backdrop of the other shootings this year.  Is this some sort of copycat crime but each time the perpetrator is trying to raise the stakes?  If that’s the case, I think the game has ended.  Brutally slaughtering elementary children has to be the worst this can get.

Whatever you believe and whatever information comes out, Americans need to understand one thing about this terrible tragedy.  Yes, we are all sad.  Many are saying prayers, expressing sorrow, and spending a little extra time with their precious little ones in the wake of this insanity.  All of these are natural reactions.  They are also normal reactions.  Normal people don’t kill other people, especially for no reason.  They don’t kill or try to harm innocent children.  Normal people may make bad decisions.  They may drive home after having a little too much to drink or not be able to resist the temptation and steal from their company or neighbor.  But you won’t find one normal person, as we put it, that would ever consider anything like you’ve seen here.  So, Common Sense Conspiracy wants each and every American that is feeling sad to add one more normal reaction to that list.  Prayers are great and needed.  There is mourning to be done, and our hearts are heavy.  But now, we must be angry.

That’s right.  Angry.  Mad as hell.  Demanding answers, demanding results, demanding something to be done.  Asking why in our society today this is becoming so common.  And not asking in a “this is a crazy world” kind of way, but in a “I’m gonna take back this crazy world” kind of way.

It shouldn’t have taken this long.  It shouldn’t have come to this.  But it did.  If twenty elementary school children dead at the hands of a gunman doesn’t wake us up, then nothing will.

It’s time for people to realize that something is happening in our society.  These mental disorders are too common.  We have more diagnosable illnesses than we know what to do with, but we can’t put our finger on when someone is cracked to the point of doing something like this.  Can someone really be this maligned and no one see it coming?  Can someone plan to do something like this and no one, not even their parents or the people closest to them, had a clue?

America also has to wake up to another fact that no one wants to bring up.  This is a white problem.  Black people don’t commit mass murders.  They certainly don’t kill themselves when they are done.  If you look back in the history, it’s always a white guy.  It also is always a male.  Black people that commit murders generally have a motive for the killing that we can at least somewhat abstractly wrap our minds around.  These massacres have no motives except the only one we ever hear…mental illness.  Well, if it’s mental illness that is responsible, it looks like it would be spread out across the board.  But for some reason it only seems to affect white males, at least to the point that they actually carry through with these acts.  Something sets them off.  We have to figure out what that is.

Gun activists will be all over this with the usual mantra “guns don’t kill people…”  Blah, blah, blah.  It’s technically true.  Yes.  And Common Sense Conspiracy generally falls on the side of liberty when it comes to guns.  But this can’t just turn into another silly political gun debate.  Our anger has to push us to go past the politics and demand real answers into why this is happening, why now, why here, and why to a certain demographic.

We don’t have the answers.  We’re not suggesting that we should round up all people that suffer from “personality disorders” and lock them up, or slaughter them as these children were.  However, having said that, I can personally make one statement.  If I were mentally ill to the point that I was considering such an act as this, as a sane and normal individual, I would hope that someone would stop me.  Before I struck.

One thing we can be thankful for is that the gunman took his own life.  Now, some of you may say that it would have been better if he had been captured because he could be held responsible for his actions and perhaps they could dig into his psyche and get some answers.  I say he spared us watching our woefully politically correct justice system at work once again.  If he were alive and in custody right now, court-appointed lawyers would already be talking about “rush to judgment” nonsense and potential insanity defenses.

I hate to bring on the reality, but if this gunman were alive, he needs to be exterminated.  Mental illness is a terrible thing, but when it drives you to execute twenty school-children at an elementary school, all bets are off.  There is no defense at that point.  Insanity is a given.  That kind of evil simply shouldn’t be allowed to continue to exist in our world, especially when we have the opportunity to exterminate it at will.  But we would have been tortured watching this man paraded into one courtroom after another, evaluated extensively but revealing nothing, and finally, a graphic trial for some pro bono lawyers trying to get their names in the news fighting like cats and dogs to save this guy’s life.  Be thankful that he took the so-called “easy way out.”  He really gave us all the easy way out, especially those parents that are still trying to reconcile something that is irreconcilable.

Be sad.  Say a prayer, if that is what you believe in.  Mourn.  But be angry.  Be damned angry, and don’t let that fire die down as Christmas approaches and the shock fades.  For each and every one of those children, America must stay angry and demand something, anything, but some kind of action, some kind of revelation, some kind of forward progress, some kind of scientific breakthrough, and most of all, some kind of hope.

To our readers, be you Christian, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, Buddhist…the list goes on and on… let’s all unite for just a moment on this one thing.  Can we all just say that no matter what we believe in, we hope that there is a such thing as hell, and we hope that guy is in it tonight?

6 thoughts on “Elementary School Shooting in Connecticut Terrorizes Parents Nationwide — Children Targets Now?”

  1. Just one comment about white versus black killing sprees. Wasn’t the sharp shooter in Washington (John Allen Williams) Black?


    The main problem with this recurring story is the fact that they make such a big deal over it. Ban from the New Cycle and it will END, if doesn’t, the odds of any like incidents affecting you are slim. There are plenty of atrocities that go unreported and are FAR WORSE in relation to how it’s going to affect the well being of you and yours and though you should be, you aren’t the least bit aware or worried about them.

  3. There sadly is not a way to prevent this from happening, if our 2nd amendment rights are revoked we are an unarmed public just waiting for marshal law to force us into a real prison society.

  4. ALL mass shootings since Colombine have been elaboratley staged managed “Mediatainment” events
    Port Arthur in Austalia, the same deal. Go over the last fifteen years since Colombine and how many have been in Rural or small(Iluminated)towns. You Americans like we Australians and many another of the “old” countries have entire towns and sometimes smaller cities (i.e. Phlidelphia) where the infestation (Illuminism) is entire (minus the “mental patients”)and virtually ANYTHING can be pulled off i.e. FAKED MASSACRES FAKED DEATHS the latest for instance was in conneticut an Illuminiised hot spot since the 18th century! I think the same deal when that guy that looked like Terry nichols shot up those Amish folk. These are classic Gladio Op’s that the Holland “Stay behind network” was experimenting with in the early eighties. They established an “Exile Base” in U.S.A. I think the Gladio network is tied to the Vatican. Adolphe Appia was the founder of modern day “Stage Craft” the utility of which for Psychological Terrorism purposes was discovered by his more intelligent friend Huston Stuart Chamberlain author of “Foundations of the nineteenth century” and it is my firm conviction that he penned the Infamous “Protocols of the elders of Zion”. . .In addition to being the Alchemist Fulcanelli.

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