Dollar Bill To Be Replaced By Dollar Coins?? Can We Still Make It Rain?

What would Susan B. Anthony think of being deposited down a stripper’s drawers?

Yes, you read that correctly. But, it is not the first time this topic has been brought up. The U.S. General Accountability Office has basically re-released this study suggesting that Congress needs to strongly look at replacing the dollar bill with a dollar coin. This move would save the government about $4.4 billion over 30 years. Are you interested in helping the government out?

There is even a bill floating around out there called COINS or Currency Optimization, Innovation and National Savings Act. They really want to get rid of the dollar bill. I for one am not looking forward to having to carry around a bunch of dollar coins. That would be very heavy and be quite the burden to deal with. But there is one problem standing in the GAO’s way. And they probably haven’t even thought of this.

And the problem is STRIPPERS!!!  That’s right, they haven’t figured in the pole dancers. I defy any one of you to take a bunch of these dollar coins and go to the strip club with your boys and MAKE IT RAIN!!!

I can’t imagine how fast your a*$ will be thrown out of that club. Not to mention the angry strippers that will probably sue you and bog down the court system even more with their lawsuits. This situation could get very ugly very fast.

Take that GAO, didn’t think of the strippers did you?

One thought on “Dollar Bill To Be Replaced By Dollar Coins?? Can We Still Make It Rain?”

  1. Actually in Canada, if you go to the strippers, you will see that indeed it makes no difference. Strippers have contests where if you can land a coin right on their you know what while they sit spread eagle, you will get some kind of poster of theirs.

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