Dear Rob Parker — You Are A Coward And Your Apology Is Bullshit

Rob Parker, you are the biggest coward. I used to watch you on ESPN. I used to have respect for you as a commentator. But, your racial tirade against RGIII was completely over the line. By the way, your apology was also complete bullshit. You posted the apology on your TwitLonger account. REALLY!!!

You should be allowed back on ESPN so you can apologize to RGIII’s FACE! Like a man. Look him in the eye and apologize. Anyone can apologize online, like you did. You took the coward’s way out just so you can get back on tv.

I am willing to bet that someone wrote that piece of s**t apology for you.

I am so disgusted about what you said and your bullshit apology. Be a man Rob.