Counting Down the Days to the End of the World — Mayan Predictions Just Around the Corner?

Are you ready for the big day?

Well, we’ve been talking about it for years, and the big day is finally almost upon us.  December 20-21 is the long awaited end of the Mayan calendar.  Common Sense Conspiracy has enjoyed reporting on this and we feel that we have done a good job at presenting the facts from all sides and hopefully giving a lot of people out there searching for such things a reason to be hopeful as we head into this next week.  However, we know that there are still people out there that believe that something terrible is lurking around the corner.

For the record, Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to operate our website and post our commentary daily as if the end of the world is not just around the corner.  That is because it is a consensus view of the CSC staff that no such calamity is upon us.  The Mayan calendar doesn’t stop because it was predicting a doomsday apocalypse, but instead, the end of an age.  What will that age bring?  Well, we feel that the world as we know it will most certainly find out.

Having said that, please come forward with your personal feelings on the matter.  We encourage our readers to express their own ideas about this huge day in the conspiracy world.  What do you think?  What preparations have you made, if any, to get ready for what might happen?  What do you think this potential apocalypse could be triggered by?  Nibiru?  Planet X?  A comet, asteroid, or something else striking the Earth like the end of the dinosaur era eons ago.

Will the world finally witness an all-out nuclear war that has been brewing for years but will finally culminate on that date?  For Christians and other religious affiliations, are you expecting your Savior to arrive out of the clouds in the next days?  Will extraterrestrials finally make their presence known and exert dominance on the human race?  Will we all be slaves or dead?

Or will December 22 look a lot like every day in the rest of your life?

Let us know.  Share your thoughts.  And be safe, no matter what happens.

One thought on “Counting Down the Days to the End of the World — Mayan Predictions Just Around the Corner?”

  1. I am going to wake up the morning of the 22nd of Dec 2012 , make me a ham sandwich and put mayonai…. no wait … MUSTARD on my sandwich…. WOOOOOO what a grand event and shaking up of my world as we know it. Mustard instead of Mayo who would have thought it ???

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