Best Buy Sends Five iPads for Order of One — Good Public Relations or Sales Scam?

Surprise. Five iPads for the price of one! Buy One Get Four Free!

Retailer Best Buy made national news when a couple of consumers announced that they ordered one Apple iPad and received a box with five of them instead.  Both customers reported the mistake, and Best Buy decided to let them keep the loot, encouraging them to pass the extra iPad’s on to people in need or charity.  The media was hailing Best Buy as showing the utmost holiday spirit and customer service, but now, some people are crying foul that this is all a sham to create extra sales.

Yes, with two instances like this happening, the question is how many people are placing orders for an iPad just hoping they get the same treatment.  Could Best Buy just be trying to increase sales (it already has been rumored to be having financial struggles this year) by giving consumers false hope that they might get a $3,000 windfall for their order?

Whether this is just a good holiday PR story or a scam from the outset, I wouldn’t be placing down your hard-earned bucks for an iPad from Best Buy unless you were planning on buying one anyway.  Conspiracy or no, you can bet that the error has been addressed and corrected at this point, and there is probably zero chance of it happening again anytime soon.  But if you were thinking about ordering an iPad from another retailer, maybe you should switch to Best Buy and roll the dice.  Who knows?

Of course, that’s exactly the point of the conspiracy, if there is one.