Attention Burglars: New York Newspaper Publishes Gun Permit Holders Publicly — Interactive Map for Criminals?

The Journal News is a suburban newspaper based in New York.  It caused quite a stir last week when it decided to do something very controversial by publicly publishing a map with people that have active gun permits highlighted.  The graphics were a part of an article demonstrating just how many guns were in an average suburban neighborhood.  As you might expect, many gun enthusiasts were not pleased and there was plenty of uproar.  However, the Journal News isn’t backing down.  They are poised to reveal thousands more gun permit holders in the coming days.  So, what’s the point here?

This was not statistics or percentages; this was a detailed map of who is armed and who is not for everyone to see.
This was not statistics or percentages; this was a detailed map of who is armed and who is not for everyone to see.

Well, obviously the Journal News has a political agenda and is trying to support gun control measures by illustrating just how prevalent guns are in the community.  More importantly, the Journal News doesn’t normally make national headlines, but this article got them noticed in a major way in the media.  This is a case of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”  Hungry for more, they are moving to do the same thing just to get even more of the glory of being a fixture on the news across the nation.  But has anyone considered the ramifications of these revelations?

The purpose of the article might have unintended consequences.  See, the problem with a map of people that have active gun permits is that it also automatically becomes a map of those that do not.  If you believe that people having guns in their homes is a successful deterrent to crime, then this should upset you.  The concept there is that the possibility that a home might be that of a gun owner may make criminals think twice before assaulting a home.  But what if they have a nice map telling them exactly where they can break in homes with no chance of being combatted with a deadly weapon?

Many gun owners and non-gun owners alike are dismayed by these articles.  Whatever camp you are in, you at the very least probably don’t like making your house a target.  If more home invasions occur in these areas in homes that do not hold guns, it will only backfire on the Journal News; instead of bolstering support for gun control, it will likely just make more people feel like they have to get a gun to protect their family and property.

There is already talk of making gun permit licenses confidential to all but police and courts, but no such legislation will happen in time to stop the Journal News from taking some more of the media glory.  What do you think?  Are you comfortable with everyone knowing whether you have a gun in your home or not?  If you are not a gun owner, do you feel more vulnerable if this was to happen to you?  Common Sense Conspiracy wants to hear what you have to say on this interesting story that is gaining steam.