A Gun Ban Is Not The Answer

In light of the horrible tragedy that occurred in Connecticut, there are looming talks of passing a ban on guns. Now, what guns will be banned is the question? Will it be assault weapons or all guns? The media will have you believe that it will be the guns labeled as assault rifles. Those are the AR-15, Uzis, Tec-9s and other such weapons. We agree that maybe the joe average citizen does not need these weapons. In reality, they really don’t, but that is not the issue. The real issue is that the assault rifles are only the beginning. Let me explain.

The New World Order wants ALL guns banned. They want to control the very right we as Americans have in even carrying a gun at all. The only thing standing in the way of the NWO is a little pesky thing called the CONSTITUTION!!! You know, the document that the NWO and our government would like to completely piss on. They want nothing more than to do away with that VERY important document. Contained in the Constitution is the right to bear arms. Every American has that right whether the NWO likes it or not. Tragedies like the one in Connecticut is their reasoning for this looming gun ban.

The CSC is not trying to downplay the incident or the horror that overtook the people there. Incidents like that should never happen especially to the children of America. So everyone wants to ban guns, right? An assault rifle ban did occur in America from 1994-2004. Does anyone know what event occurred in that timeframe?? Anyone?


The last time there was a ban on assault rifles, the horror of Columbine happened. That’s right, in the middle of the GUN BAN!!! What’s the point, you may be asking? The point is, if a person wants to get their hands on ANY gun, they will. A gun ban will not stop the people who are responsible for these horrible crimes.

What I am trying to say is this. I know everyone is afraid. The NWO wants you to be afraid. Why? Because when people are afraid, they will sign their lives away, along with their civil liberties in an attempt to gain some form of security. The NWO knows this. In fact, they are counting on it. Why?

Because when things like this happen, people will make decisions based on impulse and not rational thinking. People want to feel protected and will go to any lengths to get it, especially in times of tragedy.

Please everyone, don’t make a rash decision based on your fears. We know you are afraid. But, if you sign away the guns, what’s next? It will not stop at the guns.

I know you think banning guns is the answer but it is not. Please stop and think about what you are doing. You will be giving up more than what you think in an effort to find security and protection, and the NWO is waiting with open arms for you.

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  1. It comes down to the old saying “they came for the Jews, and I did nothing for I wasn’t a Jew.”

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