2012 Apocalypse — We’re Not Gonna Say “We Told You So” — But We Did, You Know?

mayan-weather-forecastWell the doomsday countdown we had right here in our website for over a year has finally ticked down its last precious seconds to zero.  We’re here.  We made it.  The so-called Mayan apocalypse is upon us, and in Day One, there is absolutely no sign that all of the rumors and fear mongering had any basis in reality.  Outside of a now all-too-common shooting in America, there has been nothing of note happening in the world that could even get the most hardcore conspiracy theorist back on the Mayan bandwagon.  So, like the title says, we’re not trying to rub it in.  After all, aren’t we all glad that the Mayans weren’t right?

The reality is that the Mayans never called for the end of the world, nor did the Mayan calendar end on this day.  All of the speculation was not based on any historical findings related to the Mayan civilization but modern-day interpretations of for what was most likely to Mayans just the start of a new age.  Kind of like we do on New Year’s…or when we enter a new decade.  Even though most of us understand it has no significance other than just a natural progression of numerals, it still leads us to a sense of wonderment as we find ourselves leaving one period of time for another.  Of course, the time is all fluid and there is no real beginning or end; it is only our perception of it that changes.

If the Mayan civilization had somehow stood the test of time instead of burning out around 900 A.D., they probably wouldn’t have seen this day as anything except maybe a reason for merriment, festivals, and celebration.  Why we have such a fascination with making things like this into something to instill fear in the hearts of millions is something we don’t understand, and one of the reasons that Common Sense Conspiracy was created in the first place.  As our mission statement says, we most certainly do believe in conspiracies in this world and we report on the ones we think have validity often, but in between, there is a sea of falsehoods, rumors, and general bullshit that we work hard to dispel when we have the chance.

As we head into the holiday season, Common Sense Conspiracy hopes that all of our readers enjoy this time of celebration and reflection on the past year, whatever their social background and reason for the season might be.  Over the next week, we will turn to our annual “year-in-review” mode.  Look for our usual articles that have become a tradition.  We will update last years “Top Ten Conspiracy Sites for Bullshit” with some prominent new entries making the cut this year.  We will also do our annual look back at the months of 2012 and the various happenings in the world that made both news and conspiracy circle headlines.  We look forward to ushering in a new year with our readers and please continue to visit, participate, and most of all, let us know what we can do to provide a better service.

Also, in early 2013, we will be doing a massive upgrade to the site, including giving it a much needed facelift.  We are going to hopefully enhance our navigation, overall look, functionality, and speed to make visiting Common Sense Conspiracy more pleasurable and useful to our readers.  As we prepare for that undertaking, we want to hear your suggestions as to what we can do to make the site better, not just in content but in how the site looks and feels.

Until then, we thank you for another great year and turn our eyes on even bigger and better things for 2013.


Common Sense Conspiracy Staff