Upside-Down Flag at McDonald’s — Accident or Political Statement?

In the town of Follansbee, West Virginia, an American flag was photographed handing at half staff and upside-down.  One or the other would be strange enough, but both at the same time made it a little difficult for residents to write it off as a mere accident.  Add to that some interesting timing (the incident occurred the day after President Barack Obama was reelected) and you have a full-blown conspiracy waiting to happen.

For the record, an upside-down flag is considered a plea for help in flag-hanging lingo.  It can also be interpreted as a sign that there are problems.  Of course, we all know what a flag at half staff usually symbolizes as it is often done after world events to show reverence or defiance.  The flag stayed up all day and was finally taken down at 11:30 P.M.  But that was long before many people took the incident as a photo opportunity, and with social media as it is, the story caught fire and eventually the attention of the national media.

The manager of the McDonald’s in question insists that this was nothing more than a “mechanical issue.”  Radio station WTOV fielded dozens of calls from angry citizens, many of which interpreted this as a showing of discontent with the results of the election the night before.  Mitt Romney did secure the state of West Virginia in the election.

To make matters worse, this happened just ahead of the upcoming Veteran’s Day holiday.  So, in addition to Obama supporters seeing this as a knock on the President and the election, many veterans weighed in, citing disgust with anything that could be seen as desecration of the flag.

The flag issue was corrected and flew normally the next day.  Do you think this was a political statement, or is the manager of this McDonald’s franchise being honest?  You be the judge.

4 thoughts on “Upside-Down Flag at McDonald’s — Accident or Political Statement?”

  1. Depends on a few things. If the flag was flown at half-mast, it may have been for a soldier or someone in the community there who deserved it. Flying it upside down may be in fact a mistake on McDonald’s part. But if it is in defiance of Obama being relected, some may have to take a closer look at who runs the McDonalds. Is he a White Supremacist/Separatist? Is his defiance in fact race-based? Or is it simply indeed a political statement that is more innocently a statement for the country and Obama? These should be asked to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

  2. Absolutely a political statement and I applaud the owners for having the guts to do so. If I lived within a 100 mile radius of the place, I would make a trip and buy a meal or two. Eating it is another story all together though.

  3. This didn’t take guts, if it was on purpose and they admitted then it would be gutsy…seems to me it was very timely and they took the cowardly way out.

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