Riots After the Election?

In conspiracy circles, civil unrest is always a major topic.  That’s why recently, there has been a lot of chatter about the possibility of American citizens rioting in the streets if the presidential election goes a certain way.  Yes, some people believe that if President Barack Obama is upset by challenger Mitt Romney, it could cause a wave of violence and civil disobedience.

Some fear mongerers say that something similar to the 1968 riots could occur if Barack Obama does not win reelection.

The reason, in case you haven’t figured it out already, comes down to race.  Put simply, a whole lot of white people are worried that a whole lot of black people will riot in the streets if Barack Obama, the first African American President, doesn’t get a second term.  It’s not the result of anyone threatening to do such; all the people that are claiming to be preparing for the possibility of riots have nothing but a hunch to work on.  They are using their own judgment of the temperament of the African American public as their only gauge.  It’s not like there are groups of people out there trying to instill fear in voters by threatening violence if Obama doesn’t win.  This is just white people thinking they know how black people will react.  And probably there is a little bit of the “R-word” going on in there.

Common Sense Conspiracy sees dozens of conspiracy sites beating the riot drum.  There are three very popular conspiracy sites running articles right now about how to be prepared for a riot of unprecedented proportions that they claim is a sure thing.  Of course, if you believe these riots are a sure thing, you are also expressing the idea that you believe that Romney will win the election.  Ironically, almost all the major polls still show Obama carrying a slight lead with just two days to go.  So, if Romney wins, this will be an upset, because technically, he is still the underdog.  But some people believe that the close nature of the race is exactly what might make it so dangerous in terms of encouraging violent outrage.  They look at elections like in 2000, where George W. Bush and Al Gore were not able to get a decision on the night of the election because the vote was so close.  For weeks, the most powerful country in the world was unsure who its next president was.  With this race looking that close once again, a lot of people feel that if it went Romney’s way in a controversial fashion, African Americans might view it as a conspiracy and explode.

So, what does Common Sense Conspiracy think?  Well, it’s simple.  We don’t believe that lumping African Americans into a giant category and then trying to predict how they will react to anything is a good way to do business.  Not anymore than it would be if we lumped all the other demographics into one category and tried to do the same.  What we can all hope for is a good democratic process where the election goes as smooth as it can, and when the dust clears, we might have a close race, but not so close that we don’t know who is the winner.  And if it should become a heated situation like it did in 2000, we can hope that America, not just a race or demographic, as a whole can handle that and work through our legal processes to figure out where we are going next.  Of course, if you subscribe to some hardcore conspiracy theories, you might believe that the whole election is a sham and that the only conspiracy is that it has already been decided anyway.

In that case, shouldn’t we all be rioting, instead of narrowing it down to race relations?  Hmm.

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