Nicki Minaj and American Idol — Illuminati Gold?

Darlin’ Nicki?

Nicki Minaj is as controversial as celebrities go, and we have long pegged her as the latest Illuminati-“henchwoman.”  But to get her into such an influential role as a judge on American Idol is truly the Illuminati saying enough is enough and thrusting their influence back into the mainstream.  Never has an American Idol judge managed to cause so much controversy before ever gracing the small screen on the program.

So far, Minaj has been accused of causing near fistfights with fellow judge Mariah Carey.  And now, she is taking potshots at former judge Steven Tyler, accusing him of racism and saying that he should wear a “No Coloured’s” T-shirt from now on.  All because Steven, when asked in an interview, said that he thought the new judges would take too much of the limelight for themselves instead of focusing on the contestants.  Whatever your stance on her, Minaj has a talent for creating controversy wherever she goes and speaks, and we all know about the three C’s right — controversy creates cash.

American Idol has busted a master move in getting the Queen of the Illuminati into this position.  Whatever ungodly sum they paid her was not enough for the rewards they will reap.  But don’t think that this wasn’t orchestrated from the top of the food chain…the Illuminati themselves.  There is little doubt that the Illuminati was involved in making sure that Nicki reached this pedestal where she will be able to exert her influence on untold millions of young people, ever the target of the Illuminati these days.

Illuminati gold?  You betcha.  There’s little they could do to reach more people and put there agenda more in front of the American people than what they have done here.  Make no mistake.  This is a cold, calculated move, and when American Idol premieres in January, it will have all of the ratings that the X Factor thought it would get from former Illuminati princess Britney Spears.  But Britney is out with her dry and boring performance as a judge on Simon Cowell’s show that is already considering kicking her to the curb.  Expect Minaj to bring the fireworks thick and often.

We don’t have to explain Mariah Carey’s Illuminati ties.  It can even be traced back to Whitney Houston, as many of you have found out here on Common Sense Conspiracy.  But Keith Urban?  Is the Illuminati making a play for the country crowd or is Keith simply trying to go the Blake Shelton route (a la The Voice) and reach a whole new demographic by appearing in what will no doubt be an Illuminati-tinged spar-fest?

Watch out, Nicole Kidman.  These two will have Keith drinking again in no time.  And bring on a side of cocaine.

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