Is Common Sense Conspiracy a Government-Sanctioned “Debunk” Disinformation Site?

Over the last couple of weeks, in our comments sections and our email inbox there have been several accusations that Common Sense Conspiracy is a conspiracy in and of itself.  We feel that it is worth taking a moment of our reader’s time to reiterate what we are all about, what we are not, and the reason that Common Sense Conspiracy exists.

The concept of government-sanctioned sites that spread disinformation, especially information which claims to “debunk” common and popular conspiracy theories, has been around since the advent of the Internet.  We have no doubt that such sites exist.  The government and secret organizations that we all believe are involved in the perpetration of some of the world’s greatest conspiracies no doubt realize the value of the medium and how a supposed grass-roots movement site, at least to all appearances, can cast doubt on theories.  It’s like a defense against conspiracy sites everywhere; the government sanctions sites to specifically debunk theories and cast doubt on them in order to keep a sort of equilibrium in the conspiracy market, so to speak.  A site like Common Sense Conspiracy is kind of a natural target for these sorts of accusations because we believe in a fact-first philosophy when dealing with conspiracy theories of all sorts.  That means that we don’t report on issues unless we feel that there is a factual basis to back it up, or we report on it to specifically point out the flaws in the theory.  Now, any loyal reader of our site knows that we corroborate just as many conspiracy theories as we shoot down.  But to be accused of “cooking the books” to help some government or other organization is offensive at the worst, and trivial at its best.

Our mission statement is not hard to find.  As a matter of fact, you can click on it at any time from any page on our site.  We also sponsor a concept called “Sometimes It Is What It Is.”  Only a handful of articles receive this moniker, which is reserved for situations where we feel like the subject matter is being convoluted by people trying to stretch the truth into something outrageous with no clear purpose or factual basis for their claims.  Does that mean we are some sort of MythBusters for conspiracies?  Absolutely not.  Common Sense Conspiracy frequently reports on things that we feel most certainly have merit in the conspiracy world; a casual drive around our site will reveal such at any moment.  We want to be a resource for those that inquire about such things so that you can get everything you need at one source without surfing endless websites and forum posts that make fraudulent claims without the goods to back it up.  Here, you know you will get a full dose of what you need to know, a full dose of what you might see but need to be wary of, and in between, some excellent analysis from our team of writers.  Nothing more or less is our goal, although it is difficult to live up to our mission statement, and we strive every day to make sure that this site does what it is supposed to do and doesn’t bow to the pressures of writing articles just to gain traffic and revenue.

So, this is a message to everyone out there that is interested.  Common Sense Conspiracy is in no way, shape, or form associated with any branch of government, federal agency, or secret organization to spread disinformation to the masses.  If you need proof, we fully believe you can find that by reading our articles over the years and making up your mind for yourself.  But we are interested.  The following poll is to see how many of you believe in these accusations.  Thanks so much for reading, and we promise that we will only debunking conspiracy theories when it makes good sound sense to do so.
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