Curiosity’s Top Secret Discovery for the “History Books” — Did the Mayans Know About Life on Mars?

It’s impossible to ignore the conspiracy undertones in this fascinating story that has been brewing over the last several days.  We all know about Curiosity, the rover that is currently doing its thing on Mars.  We all watched breathlessly to make sure it landed okay, and for a moment, we reveled in the accomplishment.  But then the drudgery of NASA and scientific experiments that 95% of the American public don’t and don’t want to understand too over, and soon Curiosity was nothing more than a little blurb in the world news section of the paper.  Curiosity got back in the news in a big way this past week when one of the scientists involved in the project spilled the beans, saying that Curiosity had hit pay dirt in one of its experiments and once they were through making sure the discovery was bulletproof, it would be “one for the history books.”

Of course, this was followed with massive speculation and absolutely no clarification whatsoever by NASA.  Almost every scientist that has weighed in on the matter expects that when the findings are finally released in early December, NASA will reveal that Curiosity has in only a short time already uncovered the holy grail of Mars adventures… evidence of life.

Now, don’t fall out of your chair.  It is highly unlikely that NASA will announce that Curiosity inadvertently stumbled on an ant bed on Mars.  Much more likely will be the discovery of organic chemical compounds that will further the theory that life at some point thrived on Mars, at least in certain areas, and perhaps could still today given the right conditions.

Such an announcement would indeed be one “for the history books.”  In fact, it may be the single greatest discovery of the modern era.  Proof that life is not limited to Earth would be such an all-encompassing revelation that we at Common Sense Conspiracy are starting to worry if the world can handle it.  Think about it.  If this was proven, and people believed it, then the concept that there are other civilizations out there somewhere becomes instantly a near mathematical certainty.  With that comes a barrage of other questions.  And one of the biggest ones revolves around religion.  Major world religions have never had to deal with this, and with the exception of Scientology, rarely address it.  Christians and Jews tend to dismiss the possibility of life elsewhere because the Bible simply does not mention it.  They thus assume that it must not exist, and many feel that it would somehow take away from the majesty of their God’s creation if it were found out that it was just a speck of sand in the universal landscape.  Would such a discovery trigger a meltdown of world religions?  War?  Famine?

Interesting timing.  Many people around the world are still fascinated with the concept of the world encountering some sort of calamity around December 21, 2012, the date in which the Mayan calendar, which went on for years and years, abruptly ended.  The argument about what that means is nothing new here at Common Sense Conspiracy, but this sudden announcement that something huge has been unearthed (pardon the pun) on Mars comes at a convenient time, just a couple of lousy weeks before the world is supposed to change forever.  Could Curiosity’s discovery be the beginning of a new age on the Earth, as the Mayan calendar predicted, an enlightened one where people know once and for all that they are not alone?

Frankly, we can’t wait for NASA to make the announcement.  Whatever it is, it will be conspiracy gold.  Fact-checking and analysis will be around the clock here at the CSC, you can rest assured.  But at the least, it is fascinating, isn’t it?  Instead of some worldwide apocalypse, did the Mayans somehow predict a huge scientific discovery around December 21, 2012 that would usher in a new age of human intelligence and knowledge?

Or did someone just get tired of making calendars?