Bilderberg Calls Emergency Meeting — Taking Care of Their Own?

The media in Italy is reporting that the infamous Bilderberg Steering Committee has held an emergency meeting in Rome this past week.  No, they’re not reeling from Mitt Romney’s loss in the presidential election.  All indications are that they are discussing how to make sure that Mario Monti stays in control of the Italian government at a critical time in politics there and in the rest of the world.  What will eventually become of Greece and Italy is apparently the top things on the agenda.

This emergency meeting is not nearly as large as the annual event, including only the Steering Committee, which is an impressive arsenal of powerful people on the international scene, and plenty of powerful figures from Italy probably considered necessary to the discussions they are having.  The meeting is being held in the Hotel de Russie near the Piazza del Popolo in Rome.

Mario Monti was widely reported to be Bilderberg’s “guy” for Italy, but he has face a very divided political scene in the country facing many economic challenges.  They believe that he is the most likely candidate to manage the crucial financial situation of Italy, and that is not just a local issue, as the fate of Italy and Greece heavily influences the economy of Europe as a whole.  Nonetheless, Prime Minister Monti says he will not run for office in the upcoming elections, but he would gladly stay on if he were “re-appointed.”  This is a quirk in the Italian system where the incumbent stays in power if there is no clear majority resulting from democratic elections.  Bilderberg is probably doing everything in its power to make sure that such a political climate to trigger this re-appointment is firmly in place by the time the elections come around in 2013.

Of course, they also could be holding an emergency meeting to prepare for fallout should the novel Crisis Point  by Brandon Pierce ever be published.