Apocalyptic Theories Abound After Obama Reelection — The Truth About the Next Four Years in America

Well, the media-hyped 2012 Presidential Election has now passed us by, and as we expected here at Common Sense Conspiracy, it was not nearly as close as the propaganda machines would lead us to believe.  When the dust cleared, President Barack Obama won a second term over Republican challenger Mitt Romney fairly easily.  Now, an election that has done nothing but further both racial and political divides in our country is causing all sorts of fallout from both sides.  We’ve been watching social media and Internet forums and have been shocked by some of the opinions floating around.

An example of how this played out in the past. The times they are not a-changing.

For Democrats and Obama supporters, most are just relieved that the election came off without a hitch and it’s back to business for the incumbent.  However, there was plenty of gloating and shots at the other side.  But on the other side of the fence, a lot of Republicans and Romney supporters are painting a very bleak picture of where our country is headed in the wake of Obama’s reelection.  We borrowed the term “apocalyptic” from a friend of this site; it’s very appropriate.  Many are saying that Obama will now plunge us into one of the scariest periods in American history for everyone involved.  There are predictions of $10-a-gallon gas on the horizon, gay marriage being pushed through on the national level, and even the United States completely selling out to Islam.  Along with that, there are the usual accusations that Obama will aggressively pursue a gun control platform, open up the borders, and last but not least, somehow amend the Constitution so that he can win yet another term in 2016.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy want to give our readers a more realistic concept of what this means for America, starting now.  First of all, the apocalyptic theories are mostly exaggerations with little basis in fact.  The reason why is simple:  even if President Obama desired to any of these things, there is little reason to think he would be successful.  Yes, he is president.  And yes, for the next four years he will remain one of the most influential and powerful people in the world.  But, in case you missed the memo, before the 2012 election, the political landscape in America consisted of a Democratic President, a Democratic Senate, and a Republican House of Representatives.  Due to that setup, very little progress was made on any of Obama’s initiatives in his first term.  A divided Congress means a divided nation.  In the spirit of supporting only their own party’s goals and not the health of our nation as a whole, both parties work overtime to make sure that the other half gets none of its wishes.  As long as the Republicans control one-third of this, triumvirate, they possess just enough power to make sure that nothing happens.  Now, in politics, one side is always blaming the other for this.  We’ve addressed this in past articles.  Since the Democrats own two-thirds of the equation, public opinion shifts to see it as if Republicans won’t cooperate.  When it’s the other way around, believe you me, it just shifts in the other direction.  Both parties are just as guilty of this filibustering roadblock style of government, so don’t let the current administration convince you they are the good guys.  The “good guys” are the ones that work together for the good of our nation as a whole and realize that not any one entity within our government has a monopoly on solutions.  Those “good guys” are few and far between.  Anyway, we digress.  When the election was over, the political scene wasn’t much different.  We have a Democratic President, a Democratic Senate, and a Republican House of Representatives.  So what can we expect from Obama in this new term?  A political apocalypse?  Mushroom clouds?

More like just more of the same.  He will try to push his agenda.  The Senate will mostly back him.  The House will go against him.  They will go on television talking bull about how they are working toward a compromise.  Then, somewhere along the way they will scrap it.  The loser as always is the American people.  Not Democrats or Republicans, but all people of all races, religious affiliations (or lack thereof), and political leanings.

The “fiscal cliff” will be the first example.  We are looking at what this means in detail in another article, so we won’t delve too deep into the inner workings of it here, but this cliff was coming regardless of who is president.  Had Romney pulled the upset, he would be facing the cliff just the same.  And he, like Obama, would have been doing it with a bitterly divided Congress determined not to let anything happen that might help America or feature real compromise between the two political parties.  Most likely the economy will face yet another downturn in the face of this major crisis that no one was talking about.  Why?  It was election year.  Neither side wants to bring up what is about to happen in just a few short weeks.  It’s not something that flatters them…Democrat or Republican.  It only stands as an example of their refusal to make any headway, and it teaches American citizens once again the perils of a two-party system.  Especially one with only one agenda.

If only they would learn…

Will gas prices explode up to $10-a-gallon?  Possibly.  Who knows?  A look around the world shows that Americans actually pay far less for gas than many nations in Europe.  $7 to $8 is not unheard of in many parts of the world.  Personally, we think that $5 to $6 is probably more likely.  After all, we feel that the administration pulled out all the stops over the last few months to keep those prices as low as they could going into election season.  It worked, but now it has to be paid for.  Obama has nothing to lose now except a legacy that has little going for it anyway, so they can easily allow those prices to balloon back up so they can get back on track.  It’s easy to play a blame game here, but rest assured that if there was a Republican president in office, the same thing would have happened.  It’s not the “fault” of any one of these people, but the fault of the entire system.  So, don’t get on your Obama-calypso soapbox about gas prices when it comes.  It was coming anyway.  Once again, it is our refusal to ouster a corrupt system that guarantees that the same thing will happen.  See Einstein’s definition of insanity for more information.  They divide us over major issues that have little or nothing to do with true government.  Race.  Religion.  Abortion.  Gay marriage.  None of these four listed should have any place in government, but they appeal to our senses and cause us to identify with one side or the other instead of being legitimately outraged that they aren’t discussing the real issues that face our nation.  By getting us to identify with one party or the other, we get that political spirit and have someone to root for at election time.  And if our team wins, we celebrate, gloat, and if our guys loses, we ridicule and insult.  It’s a lot like going to a football game.  For sixty minutes of playing time, the diehard fans applaud every yard their team gets.  They view everything through their team’s colored glasses.  If the ref makes a call against their team, it was a bad one.  If it’s good, what are the other guys complaining about?  Fair is fair.  We have rules and we must follow them, right?  Stop whining.

The two-party system in America is just like that.  We root for our team.  But just imagine for a second that you were at that same football game we mentioned before and you realized that both teams were on the same side.  And the outcome was predetermined.  They wear different colors, but they have the same intention.

It’s not quite as fun anymore.  Or passionate.  Or inspiring.

President Obama is the man for the next four years, and while you may or may not be excited about his agenda, don’t be foolish enough to think that anything will be different.  If you’re Republican this may offer you some comfort.  The House will make sure that nothing happens.  If you’re Democrat, then this sucks, because despite pulling this off, you have nothing to look forward to but getting to mutter expletives at the other side and wonder why they are standing in the way of all the great things you envisioned for America.  If you’re American, as we like to say here, then you should be very sad and angry that this atrocity will only continue, and in this football game of politics, there is only one loser.  And we all know who that is.