5-Hour Energy Linked to Deaths — Spontaneous Abortion?

Run faster…but not longer.

5-Hour Energy is all the rage these days.  As a matter of fact, many supermarkets have to resort to putting multi-packs of these behind the counter to keep them from being shoplifted by the dozen.  The product promises a five-hour surge of energy provided through a mixture of chemicals, and of course, caffeine.  All this for just four calories and something you can drink as fast as a shot of liquor.  Sounds like a great deal if you are burning the midnight oil?

The only problem is that there is increasing evidence that drinking 5-hour energy drinks could make you dead for the other 19 hours.  The FDA has released records showing that these energy drinks were possibly involved in 13 deaths in the last four years.  Okay, so that’s not such a devastating statistic given the millions of these sold and consumed.  But those stats are only those that actually passed away.  There are many other reported incidents of side effects that sound pretty scary.  Heart attacks, seizures, and spontaneous abortions.

Okay the first two were expected, right?  But spontaneous abortions.  That’s pretty wicked.

It is worth mentioning that the FDA doesn’t directly blame the 5-Hour Energy drink for any deaths at this time, hence the reason they are still for sale on shelves everywhere in America.  But the evidence is mounting that these little shots of energy could be too much for some people to handle.  And if you happen to be pregnant, you probably want to avoid this all the way, because spontaneous abortions are nothing to mess around with.  If you’re not pregnant, we assume you are pretty safe from this side effect (although that would be pretty spectacular if the opposite were true).

If you really feel you need some energy in this fashion, look into natural solutions, like coffee, or you know, sleep.