WWE Superstar John Cena Is The Victim Of An Internet Death Hoax — AGAIN!!!

The reports of John Cena’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. As in, completely false.

WWE superstar John Cena, considered the face of the company by many and hero to millions of kids, is the victim of an internet death hoax. Believe it or not, this is not the first time this has happened. This current hoax stated that John Cena was the victim of a single car crash. At least, that was the report of the fake news site that published it.

Mr. Cena also reportedly died before that from a head injury. He suffered¬†the injury while practicing a wrestling stunt. But, don’t worry kids. John Cena is ok. He is not dead.

Hopefully none of his fans, most of his fans being kids, saw those fake reports. We are reporting it to help get the message out that he is not dead. John Cena is injured right now so he will not be on television for a while. ¬†Just letting the kids know in case they watch Monday Night Raw and they don’t see him. He is alive, just injured right now.

So to all his fans, he will be back from injury and wrestling in no time.

And don’t believe everything you hear, especially on Facebook and Twitter.