Why Does Everyone Hate the Jews?

It’s a fact of life.  There are lot of people out there with something against those of the Jewish persuasion.  However, it’s shocking how many people in the world have no real concept of what this perhaps most intense hatred of all time stems from.  And there’s a good reason for that, because it is a story that goes back thousands of years and spans multiple religions, peoples, and countries.  So, with this playing into so many conspiracy theories and world events, we at Common Sense Conspiracy wanted to take a brief moment to examine this phenomenon and educate our readers on how anti-Semitism became so prolific in our world.

It’s amazing how many people claim to hate Jews and don’t know why.

But first, the standard disclaimer.  Common Sense Conspiracy does not hate Jews.  Not even a little bit.  This article is meant to be informative, not to try to convince you that you should hate Jews yourself.  Actually, if anything, we seek to convince you of the opposite.

Of course, the most famous (or infamous) example of anti-Semitism is the horrific events in Germany that was the building blocks for World War II.  As a matter of fact, a lot of Americans think of Hitler first and foremost when they think of the term anti-Semitism.  The Holocaust comes to the mind, and images of Jews being herded into German concentration camps.  It may be fashionable to see anti-Semitism in that light; that it all stemmed from the hatred of an evil man.  The reality is much different.  This is only one chapter in the story that has spanned a period of 1700 years and continues right here in our world today.

Everyone knows about Germany.  But did you know that at one time or another in their history, the Jewish people were kicked out of countries in Europe eighty times.  And not obscure countries.  We’re talking England, France, Spain, Austria, Portugal, and of course, Germany.  That’s just the heavy hitters.  The list includes 79 nations in all.  But why?  Well, there are a lot of popular misconceptions that people today accept as reasons for the Jew hatred.  But if you look a little closer, a lot of the “reasons” are actually just excuses created to give those that perpetuate this hatred an explanation to throw around that they think somehow justifies their position.  Expert historians have boiled down the prejudice against Jews to not one but SIX different reasons.  Let’s have a look at each of them and see if we can find some rhyme or reason:

1.  Many people claim to hate the Jews because they possess too much power and wealth.  This theory revolves around the idea of Jewish bankers pulling the puppet strings for the world.  It also comes from Israel playing such a large role in international affairs despite being the size of a postage stamp.  While this may be a halfway sexy excuse in the current day and time, it has no historical basis.  In the 17th century, Jews in Europe were the poorest of the poor.  They had absolutely no role in government or world affairs.  And yet they were hated, even way back then.

2.  The Jews believe they are the Chosen People of God.  Yes, many think the Jews have a lot of nerve going around perpetuating the idea that they are God’s Chosen People.  Well, there may be some truth to that, but have you ever stopped to think about the ones that hate Jews for this reason?  Who are they?  Christians?  Muslims?  Ironically, the ones that hate Jews for believing that they are chosen ones actually believe that they are the chosen ones instead.  A little hypocritical, maybe?

3.  The Jews killed Jesus.  This is a popular one, and a little movie that Mel Gibson made didn’t help matters.  But is it true?  Well, the Romans killed Jesus; that is evident.  The Bible does insinuate that some Jews may have been involved, but did you know that the argument that the Jews murdered Jesus didn’t really surface until hundreds of years after the fact.  You rarely see anyone passionately hating Romans, but anti-Semitism grew at an alarming rate throughout history.  And then there’s the philosophical problem:  the death of Jesus Christ is the whole thing that Christianity is based on.  While it may not be a pleasant topic, it was necessary in the eyes of Christians.  And then, it was Jesus who uttered the famous words “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”  Then, to go a step farther, Jesus was a Jew and practiced conventional Judaism throughout his life.  Actually, all Christians are basically Jewish up until the debate of the Messiah.

4.  A simple matter of racism, like any other.  Racism has been responsible for many wars and atrocities, but the fact of the matter is that being a Jew is not a race.  The Jewish people of the world come from every race and color.  There is no particular gene pool that is Jewish.  This makes anti-Semitism unique; it is not a hatred based on race or nationality, but a hatred of traditions and religion.  No one refers to Christians or Muslims as a “race.”

5.  The Jews kept to themselves and rejected others.  Once again, a common misconception.  In the 18th century, Jews spread out into the world and many tried to blend into the fabric of society, wherever they might be.  This assimilation into culture around the world was a result of the Enlightenment.  And yet, anti-Semitism only grew and prospered.  As a matter of fact, the Nazis actually hated Jews because they were trying to be their equals in society.  They didn’t hate them because they were different, but because they were trying to cooperatively merge with society.  Nazis actually feared this, believing that if Jews were left to do as they wish, their “inferior qualities” might permeate the Aryan race and destroy it.  They didn’t see the Jews as a threat to their way of life because they were rejecting; they hated them because they were accepting and willing to blend into the framework.

6.  The Jews make a good target to place blame on.  To effectively be a scapegoat for anything, someone or something already has to have a certain reputation.  The enduring hatred of Jews made it very easy for people like Hitler to pin even more blame on them.  The Jewish people were already hated before Hitler ever conceived his first speech about them.  That hatred just made it easier to gain acceptance.  That was part of the Nazi movement.  They convinced people that the Jews, whom were already despised, were the real problem in the world.  People were eager to accept this and even more eager to accept their destruction or isolation as a “solution.”

Maybe it’s just the funny hats?

So, that’s what the historians say are the six main reasons different cultures have a beef with Jews.  If you think about it, no other group of people in the world is hated for so many different reasons that don’t work out to a successful equation.  For example, some hate Jews because they believe that they are inferior…meanwhile, they hate them for being successful, wealthy, and supposedly controlling the world.  That does not equal out to a true value in an equation. They are hated for insisting that they have their own country that is theirs, but when they try to move out into the world and blend into culture and society, they are hated for that as well.

Many Jews believe the reason for the hatred comes from a “shoot-the-messenger” concept.  They believe that the message that Jews are imparting onto the world, ordained for them to do by the one true God, is not one that everyone wants to hear.  So, people believe that since they don’t like what they are hearing, they can simply eliminate the Jews, the messengers in this scenario, and in so doing eliminate the problem.  Only the real problem lies within them.

Ironically, this only gives people another reason to hate Jews.

So, the bottom line from the CSC — if you have a problem with Jews, at least respect yourself enough to take a moment and try to isolate just why it is that you feel that way.  Do you really have a reason, or are you hating because it’s remarkably convenient and accepted to do so?  A lot of people remember Mel Gibson’s drunken comment during his infamous DUI arrest a few years back.  He said that the Jews were responsible for all of the wars in the world.

But can you be responsible for a war if you are only acting out of self-defense and self-preservation?

9 thoughts on “Why Does Everyone Hate the Jews?”

  1. I think the jews are hated so much because of their blood letting rituals ,and the murder of tons of Christians , as well as the mezitzah b’pee they perform on helpless children ,yeah what a shame hey ! the truth is and will never change ,personally I think we should kick them all off the planet send them to planet nonexistence maybe ! whatever the reason for the hatred I am sure it is our moral duty to hate curse and destroy those that kill and mame the innocent in the name of god –

    1. *maim
      mezitzizta what? Look, I’m Jewish, and the worst thing my synagogue has done is have us sit through boring classes on creation and whatnot. Do you honestly, and I mean deep, deep down, believe that all Jews murder, maim, and bleed people to death? Do you think that an ENTIRE religion should be wiped out because of rumors? I don’t want to send all Muslim people to another planet because a couple were terrorists. I don’t want to kill all Germans because of a genocide that happened before my parents were born. Besides, these are things that actually happened. Jews DID NOT eat babies, ride broomsticks or kill innocent children. Jews DID NOT murder perfect, white, blonde-haired blue eyed people because they worshiped in a different way. I assure you, our values of loving the earth, education and helping the elderly and sick don’t apply to all Jews, the same way that “love thy neighbor” doesn’t apply to all Christians. I can’t try and change your mind, I understand that you’ve probably grown up being taught this, but at least attempt to understand that my ten year-old brother DOES NOT deserve to be sent to another planet. Peace, I’m out.

    2. Hear, hear! Well said, and it’s great that someone can spell things out plainly, that the Jews are vile criminals and murderers of children!

  2. You are hated because you people have lied so often about the nazi holocaust ! 30 million Christians were killed in Russia by you all where is the mass media indoctrination about that . You want to be perpetual victims . You people seem to lie and try and manipulate in every second breath . Your mass main stream media pushes subversive BS such as multiculturalism yet Israel is about the most racist country in existence . Are you all just Satanists ?

      1. The burden of proof is on you to prove your claims are true. That is how that works. I can’t say there are invisible unicorns that live on the back side of the moon and they just hide when a camera or astronaut goes by, and you have to prove it’s false. I’m the one who would have to offer compelling evidence. So show us the proof you’re right.

    1. ??? You don’t remember ever seeing anti communist messages in mass media in the US? Not even now with all the talk of Marxism?

      What do you have against Jewish culture? I don’t like everything but I do like that it’s part of the religion to educate yourself and others well. US gentiles could get some mileage out of adopting that one. Maybe there wouldn’t be so many conspiracy theory idiots.

      I don’t think you could even accurately describe what satanism is lol. It’s just a scary no no word to you.

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