While You Were Sleeping — Hurricane Sandy Makes Nice Distraction for White House Executive Order

It’s amazing that in between dealing with a national emergency of epic proportions, running a reelection campaign traipsing across the continental United States at lightning speed, and fighting off attacks from Mitt Romney that President Barack Obama found time to sign into law an executive order on October 26, 2012.  It’s now available on the White House’s official website…straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say.  This one is called “Establishing the White House Homeland Security Partnership Council.”  It, of course, slipped under the radar with so much media attention focused on the election and Hurricane Sandy.  The government always waits for an opportune time to slip these sorts of orders under the rug while no one is looking.

So, while you were concerned about your fellow Americans, or perhaps preparing for the storm yourself, the powers-that-be were busy, too.  Pushing their globalist and freedom-choking agenda.

We just got a little bigger.

The executive order is the typical legalese that we all know and love from government documents.  In between the big words and vague explanations meant to be confusing at best, one word in the title resonates throughout the text of the order.  Partnership.  The order creates a special council within the hierarchy of the Department of Homeland Security that is to oversee “strategic partnerships” for the purpose of addressing “evolving threats to the United States.”  This includes government organizations establishing relationships with the private sector, business, and non-government organizations of all types, any which may further their cause of fighting this vicious War on Terror.  Yeah, the same one coined by George W. Bush that Obama found to be quite tasty in his mouth as well.  Despite coolly pointing to Osama bin Laden’s apparent death as one of his major accomplishments, President Obama continues to tread the same path that was set before him.  But we all know that at the end of the day, this isn’t about George W. Bush or Barack Obama.  It won’t be about Mitt Romney if he pulls the upset and becomes our next President.  It’s about the people behind the scenes, the ones really calling the shots, ever pushing us toward a New World Order globalist agenda and balking at the idea of freedom by and large.

Information sharing is a big theme in this order, and that’s really what makes it remarkable.  After all, government organizations like the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, etc. are not generally known for “sharing” information with anyone in the private sector.  But now they are changing their mind, choosing instead to believe that the more involved, the more information we can all share together, and the more progress they can make toward their goals.  But one would ask why would the private sector be interested in partnering up with the government in clandestine operations?  Well, don’t worry.  Big government will find ways to make it worth their time and efforts.

And then the slippery slope we like to talk about begins.  Sure, the government can’t do this or that, but they can outsource the violation of your rights to private companies, and then look the other way if anyone is the wiser.  I can’t wiretap this or that, but this private security company can.  Then they can share the information with us, the innocent third party, sitting around twiddling our fingers.

Check out the entire order for yourself at the official White House site.


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