What Happens If the Presidential Election Ends Up Tied?

Yes, a tie in the Electoral College is possible because the total number of votes available is an even number.  Mitt Romney and Barack Obama could conceivably end up with 269 votes each, ending with a deadlock.  With polls showing the race a virtual dead heat just two weeks until Election Day, many people are wondering just what would happen if it came down to that.  People are probably more interested in anomalies like this than ever after all of the strife that followed the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore.  There was a period of days when America didn’t know who it’s next president was, and ultimately, courts became involved in the dispute.  A true tie is a different story.  Fortunately, the Constitution provided a solution for this circumstance.  The video below does an excellent job explaining the process if a tie occurred, and also does an even better job of explaining just how silly it would get in the Capitol if such a thing happened in reality.

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