Tired of Wars Over Oil? Let’s Attack Iran Over Computers — What Do You Say?

These Iranian bastards are screwing with Pandora Radio. Just this morning I had to listen to music files on my iPhone. Enough is enough!

If there wasn’t enough beating of the potential war drum for Iran over oil, potential blockades by Iranians to keep Americans out of their waters, and the ever-present threat of Tehran acquiring nuclear capabilities, United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is throwing out even more reasons why our troops might as well get their bags packed.  Apparently Iran has some pretty powerful hackers at its disposal, and now the United States says that they are responsible for wreaking havoc on oil and gas companies.  That’s right, folks.  Cyberattacks are not just something to worry about getting your credit card info taken anymore.  It’s going big time, terrorism-style.

While the U.S. government had thus far refused to acknowledge the attacks, now Panetta says that it is the most destructive cyberattack ever on the private sector.  And you know how the government feels about its oil companies.  They’re mad, and they are pointing the finger at Iran.  And Panetta says that the Pentagon considers a computer assault just as serious as a physical attack.  And they will not hesitate to act if necessary.

Sound bad enough?  Wait, it gets better.  Panetta actually compared these cyber attacks to a “pre-9/11 moment.”  Yes, that’s his words, not ours.  He says that this is another instance of something that the United States simply isn’t prepared to guard against.  He even went on to say that this is so serious that it could result in “even the loss of life.”  Naturally, he offered no explanation as to how that might happen.  The loss of life is probably a veiled reference to Americans dying in a false-flag operation or Iranians dying in drone attacks on places where the United States think there might be computers with Internet access.

So, how do you feel about these dire warnings about some cyberattacks on oil companies that you probably never heard or care about?  There’s something else about this that is “pre-9/11.”  It’s the scattering, covering, and smothering of all government agencies to demonize a foreign nation and convince us that something must be done.  They are attacking us on the land, sea, air, and now the Internet.  We must respond.

Just remember.  This time it was oil companies.  Next time it could be Netflix.  Or Xbox Live.  Can you imagine World of Warcrafts’ servers going down at Iranian hackers’ hands?

Clean your guns, people.  I will go to war with Iran to get my True Blood on HBO Demand if I have to.

One thought on “Tired of Wars Over Oil? Let’s Attack Iran Over Computers — What Do You Say?”

  1. Just curious, were you or your parents born in Iran? Or do you really think that private, industrial targets are considered off-limits by the new generation of cyber terrorists who hate America (the Great Satan)? I wouldn’t trust much if anything the current administration says, but that doesn’t rule out the very real threat of cyber terrorism.

    Your post got me thinking…what if the California gas refinery fire was the result of a hacker causing a switch or pump to fail which lead to a systemic failure and fire? What if firemen lost their lives trying to extinguish the fire? What if there was a huge explosion that killed even more people, created a toxic cloud of gas that drifted into a nearby neighborhood and caused a massive power outage? Traffic lights go out, collisions in intersections happen, old people on oxygen machines can’t breath, on and on. Still think things like this are not possible? Maybe it already has.

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